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Current Field Seminar

Huizenga College students are currently preparing to travel to China in April 2017. This is the 31st International Field Seminar to emerging and developing markets. 

Upcoming Destinations

Shanghai, China
April 1-8, 2017


Meeting Dates

  • 1st Meeting
  • October 21st, 2016
         2081 Carl DeSantis Building 
        and via GoToTraining

"Brazil is a spectacular place! The International Field Seminar was a great opportunity to get to know the people, the place and both the business and social cultures of Brazil. We had hands-on experience learning from some of the most innovative firms in this emerging market through our company visits, not to mention excellent tours and great travel. Everyone should take advantage of an IFS opportunity as it truly is a great catalyst for a well-rounded education in the MIBA program!"

Kathryn Carnes, USA
Pricing Analyst
Tropical Shipping
Brazil, 2009

The IFS is currently being offered once a year

Following is a brief overview of the IFS and how to get involved in attending the IFS of your choice. Sign up as soon as possible, space is limited. You can sign up for a specific field trip via the sign up link on this website.

IFS Estimated Basic Cost   (variation based on destination)

1. In-country fee, $1250, covers lectures, company visits, transportation, and some meals depending on destination. The hotel cost is included in the fee for some destinations including China and India.

The fee is payable via the Marketplace link that is sent to students upon acceptance to the seminar.
2. Students register for INB 5846 [3 credit course] for the winter semester. INB 5807 is required before registration.

NOTE: Registration follows the normal NSU procedure, and after the close of the add/drop period, refunds are not available.

Costs not included in fee

Hotel costs - about $100-150 per room/per night (hotel cost included for China & India) Students will be informed of which hotel the group is staying.

Airfares - Air travel is the responsibility of individual students, check online for cost of flights to your destination (do not book before the IFS is confirmed)

Miscellaneous - personal expenses, shopping, airport pickups

NSU tuition INB 5846 (3 credits).

Passports and visas - Your passport must have at least 6 months before expiration after your travel on the IFS. You should immediately renew a passport with less time before expiration. Visa information will be shared at the first meeting.


Register for INB 5846 for the winter semester, after you have signed up for the IFS via this website and have received an acknowledgement of space available on the trip. You must attend the first meeting in October, in person or via electronic communication. In person is highly preferred. Failure to attend will result in removal from the travelers list.

The first meeting is held in October, the second and third meetings in January and February. During March and April students complete the IFS assignments.

Preparation work is done intensively via email – make sure you check your emails and respond immediately to requests for information.

Financial Aid

If this is your last class, remember to deal with financial aid issues well ahead of time. You must register for 2 classes a term to qualify. The IFS is a full semester class, not just a week long class. For information on financial aid, contact:

Joyce Matalon
Financial Aid Counselor
Enrollment and Student Services
Nova Southeastern University
(954) 262-3380

Thea Cazeau
Financial Aid Counselor
Enrollment and Student Services
Nova Southeastern University
(954) 262-3380