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Cynthia Ruppel, Ph.D.
Professor of Information Technology Professor Cynthia Ruppel

”I am a proponent of teaching students to learn by themselves and to think and question. With the Internet and so much information in today's world, it is important to be able to determine both relevant and accurate information. With today's communications technologies, the world has become a 'smaller' place.”

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Management Certificate

The world of management in today's workplace is challenging. Successful managers need to possess the attitudes, knowledge, and skill sets that can only be learned at the Huizenga College of Business, from professors who have researched them and employed them as managers in real-world companies. As you work through the courses in the Management Certificate program you will gain useful insights that will have immediate application. You will exchange ideas with others who are seeking to better position themselves in today's new organizational paradigms. A Management certificate will put you in a place where you can be the flashpoint.

NOTE: In addition to the standard admission requirements, a Master's degree from a regionally accredited institution is required for consideration to a post graduate certificate.

Class Formats:

Full-time professionals are available to discuss the management certificate curriculum with you in greater detail. Simply call 800.672.7223 Ext. 25168 or contact our Enrollment Services Staff.

Total credits: 15

Required Courses:
MGT 5640 Managing in Globally Dynamic Workplaces  
HRM 5310 Managing Human Resources  
MGT 5630 Influencing People for Organizational Effectiveness  
MGT 5620 Managing Legal, Ethical, and Social Challenges  

Elective (3 total credits)
XXX XXXX Any course with HRM, INB, MGT or LED prefix

MGT 5640     Managing in Globally Dynamic Workplaces  (3 cr.)

In this course, students will gain an understanding of leading state-of-the-art management and leadership practices, concepts and theories that can be applied to real-world situations around the globe. Students will learn to understand and challenge management thinkers, and to practice developing their own theoretical and applied models for managing and leading people in today's dynamic workplaces. Students will have opportunities to assess and apply national and international management practices for market-based economies that can be value-driven and sustainable in a global context. Prerequisites: MGT 5105 or MGT 5020 and HRM 5310 or HRM 5030.

HRM 5310     Managing Human Resources  (3 cr.)

Students will gain a working knowledge of planning, organizing, and managing human resource systems; and will gain hands-on abilities to design, direct, and assess human resource systems in enhancing relationships with internal and external customers, leading to organizational effectiveness.

MGT 5630     Influencing People for Organizational Effectiveness  (3 cr.)

MGT 5630 investigates strategies and skills for influencing individuals and groups for organizational effectiveness. Students will learn leadership models and skills that can be used in a diverse and global environment. Attention will be given to important leadership issues in the 21st century such as ethics, change, and innovation. Students will have the opportunity to assess their own skill sets and consider development plans for enhancing those skills sets.

MGT 5620     Managing Legal, Ethical, and Social Challenges  (3 cr.)

Students will gain an understanding of the meaning and importance of the law, ethics, morality, and social responsibility in a global business context. Students will be able to engage in critical thinking and analyze business decisions from legal, ethical, and social responsibility perspectives. Students will be able to apply legal, ethical, and social responsibility principles in making business decisions. Students will examine case studies, actual cases, and current events and engage in analysis of real-world problems impacting business. Students will become aware of the legal, political, regulatory, social, and global environment of business. Students will learn how adherence to legal, ethical, and social responsibility principles promotes organizational and societal sustainability.

MGT 5105     OB in a Dynamic/ Complex World  (3 cr.)

Students will gain a thorough understanding of individual, group and organizational behavior. Students will utilize this knowledge to build practical skills in leading individuals and teams to high performance. Through a variety of teaching methods, students will learn to diagnose their business environment, identify and analyze problems, and develop sound, creative and socially-responsible solutions to help their organizations thrive in a complex and uncertain world.

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