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”I am a proponent of teaching students to learn by themselves and to think and question. With the Internet and so much information in today's world, it is important to be able to determine both relevant and accurate information. With today's communications technologies, the world has become a 'smaller' place.”

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Sport Revenue Generation Certificate

The most sought after individuals to sport organizations are those who can add to the revenue base by securing and activating sponsorship deals, maximizing sales, organizing fundraising events, and creatively leveraging emerging technologies to generate new revenue streams.

The Certificate in Sport Revenue Generation is a completely unique program, designed to meet the sports industry's growing demand for professionals who are dedicated to revenue enhancement. This program was designed to specifically provide students with revenue generation knowledge, skills, and techniques that will set graduates apart from other job candidates. This cutting edge program is literally a one-of-a-kind in the world of sport management education; no other program focuses so specifically on the knowledge and skills needed to generate revenue.

NOTE: In addition to the standard admission requirements, a Master's degree from a regionally accredited institution is required for consideration to a post graduate certificate.

Class Formats:

Full-time professionals are available to discuss the sport revenue generation certificate curriculum with you in greater detail. Simply call 800.672.7223 Ext. 25168 or contact our Enrollment Services Staff.

Total credits: 15

Required Courses:
SPT 5910 Sport Sponsorship Design and Strategies  
SPT 5920 Sport Ticketing, Concessions and Merchandise Management  
SPT 5930 Sport Event and Fundraising Strategies and Techniques  
SPT 5940 Sport Revenue Generation and Emerging Technologies  

Elective (3 total credits)
XXX XXXX Open elective in HCBE

SPT 5910     Sport Sponsorship Design and Strategies  (3 cr.)

This course will explore advanced sport sponsorship design and strategies. Current techniques will be applied to case studies and projects for acquiring and evaluating potential revenue-generating sponsorships. Students will prepare thorough sponsorship plans and deliver proposal presentations reflecting proven techniques.

SPT 5920     Sport Ticketing, Concessions and Merchandise Management  (3 cr.)

This course is designed to offer a comprehensive overview of the revenue generating streams of ticket sales, concession sales, and merchandise sales for various sport organizations. Students will gain an understanding of state-of-the-art strategies and theories being used in arenas,stadiums, and other sport based venues. They will learn to understand and appreciate the unique challenges and opportunities sport managers face and how to apply the theories and strategies learned to real world situations.

SPT 5930     Sport Event and Fundraising Strategies and Techniques  (3 cr.)

This course is designed to provide an introduction to the principles of sport event management for the express purpose of raising funds. A conceptual framework will be developed through definitions, models, and the utilization of case studies. The planning, development, management, and implementation of strategies for successful fundraising events will be the focus. Specific topics will include event studies, bid preparation, securing sponsorship, negotiations, and volunteer management.

SPT 5940     Sport Revenue Generation and Emerging Technologies  (3 cr.)

This course is designed to offer an overview of emerging technologies that will impact current and future revenue generating streams of sport organizations. Students will gain an understanding of state-of-the-art sport enterprise software, internet applications, mobile applications, and social media applications and how they are being utilized to generate new revenue streams. Students will learn to understand and appreciate the unique challenges and opportunities sport managers face as new technologies enter the market place and how to apply the theories and strategies learned to future opportunities.

Because Master's level study extends knowledge and skills acquired in both the classroom and workplace, the successful completion of the following foundation courses are required in order to enroll in this certificate program. Satisfactory completion of foundation courses requires a "C" grade or better in each.

ECN 5050     Economic Thinking  (3 cr.)

Economic Thinking: Students will learn how to use economic thinking in making managerial decisions and motivating others to make decisions that increase the value of organizations. Prerequisites: ECNP 5003 and QNT 5040.

FINP 5008     Business Finance  (3 cr.)

Business Finance: A survey of the essentials of finance and its environment. Financial management as it applies to organizations, ratio analysis, leverage, working capital management, capital budgeting, capital structure, and other concepts as they apply to business organizations. Course satisfies program prerequisite of finance for master's degree programs.

FIN 5080     Applying Managerial Finance  (3 cr.)

Applying Managerial Finance: Students will gain a working knowledge of managerial finance by learning to develop a systematic approach to financial analysis; to apply techniques for planning, forecasting, and managing; as well as to evaluate and recommend improvements in the organization's financial performance. Prerequisites: FINP 5008 or equivalent, ECN 5050, and QNT 5040.

One of the following two courses:

QNT 5040     Quantitative Thinking  (3 cr.)

Quantitative Thinking: The application of quantitative techniques has expanded rapidly in business decision-making. This course is an introduction to the potential usefulness, limitations, and format of various quantitative techniques used in the decision-making process in business. Lecture discussion and problem solution are used to present the concepts of descriptive statistics, theoretical probability distributions, confidence levels, simulation, hypothesis testing, correlation, regression, and forecasting techniques. Prerequisite: QNTP 5002 or equivalent.

FIN 5805     Financial Decisions for International Managers  (3 cr.)

Financial Decisions for International Managers: Delivered online, Financial Decisions for International Managers examines basic accounting concepts and corporate financial statement components, and develops students financial decision-making abilities. The course is developed as a preliminary requirement for more advanced work in the courses, International Accounting and International Finance. Financial statement analysis is considered to consist of the application of analytical tools and techniques to financial statements and data in order to derive measurements and relationships that are significant and useful for decision-making. This analysis can be used for objectives such as screening for the selection of investments or merger candidates. It can also be used as a forecasting tool for future financial conditions and results; a process of diagnosis for managerial, operating, or other problem areas; and a tool for the evaluation of management. Overall, the course places a strong emphasis on improving managerial decision-making. Prerequisites: ACTP 5001 and FINP 5008 or equivalents.

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