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Pedro Pellet, Ph.D.
Professor of Economics Professor Pedro Pellet

”I dedicate my professional life to develop an intellectual and moral environment in which the arts, humanities, and sciences may be cultivated. It is my hope that my students will grow as human persons, master the knowledge needed to attain aspirations, and effectively integrate into society.”

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The Journal of Applied Management and Entrepreneurship

JAME is a quarterly journal whose readers include academics and practitioners. The focus of articles found in JAME is on applications and implications that can be of use in the practice of management and entrepreneurship.

Domain Statement

The Journal of Applied Management and Entrepreneurship (JAME) is a broad-based publication which includes empirical or conceptual articles on any area of general management or entrepreneurship. This would include, but not be limited to, articles in the areas of human resource management, international management, management consulting, health care management, careers, management information systems, organization theory, production management, organizational communications, organizational behavior, organization development and change, technology management, small business management, strategy, and social issues in business. Work regarding new issues in these fields are especially welcomed, although historical perspectives are appropriate. Articles focusing on both public sector and private sector management are encouraged. In-depth organizational case studies will be considered providing they highlight some important management concept.