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Suri Weisfeld-Spolter, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Marketing Professor Suri Weisfeld Spolter

”I always find out about my students' backgrounds and work experiences so I can relate to them. I want them to feel comfortable enough to ask questions and share their opinions. Most important, I want them to feel confident in their abilities to succeed. It is my goal to make class interesting, practical, enjoyable, and motivating.”

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Interested in completing two degree programs in different areas of study? Our joint-degree programs allow you to do just that. Nova Southeastern University has been at the forefront in the development, design, and implementation of degree programs that allow you to fulfill your interest in more than one disciplinary area. Programs available through the Huizenga College and other NSU schools and departments include:

Law/Business J.D./M.B.A.
Law/Accounting J.D./M.Acc.
Law/Tax J.D./M.Tax.
Psychology/Business Psy.D./M.B.A.
Pharmacy/Business Pharm.D./M.B.A.

Given the individualized nature of these programs, prospective candidates are encouraged to speak directly with an Admissions Manager. Full-Time professionals are available to discuss these degree programs in greater detail with you. Simply contact your Admissions Manager at 800.672.7223, ext 25067 or use the Contact Us link.