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Minor in Leadership

Effective leadership is critical in today's competitive business environment. The minor in leadership has been designed to enhance your leadership skills. Students examine contemporary leadership models including situational leadership.

The minor in leadership requires completion of 15 credit hours.

LED 3000 Introduction to Leadership  3 credits
MGT 2050 Principles of Management  3 credits

Select three of the following:
LED 3200 Creativity and Work Performance  3 credits
LED 4100 Great World Leaders  3 credits
LED 4200 Current Issues in Leadership  3 credits
LED 4250 Self Leadership in Organization  3 credits
LED 4300 Situational Leadership  3 credits

Current students: Please consult your Academic Advisor for program requirements or access SharkLink for your CAPP report. Program requirements are subject to change, and your Academic Advisor or CAPP report can provide you with the courses required for your catalog term.

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Course Descriptions

LED 3000     Introduction to Leadership  (3 cr.)

This course presents leadership as an on-going and developing set of theories and models. Recognizing these theories and models provides a basis for understanding how leadership influences the success of individuals, groups, and organizations. The development of several of these theories and models will be considered to create a current perspective on leadership.

MGT 2050     Principles of Management  (3 cr.)

Provides an overview of management history and theory, schools of management thought, the functions and processes of management, and the environment within which the modern manager operates.

LED 3200     Creativity and Work Performance  (3 cr.)

This course will address the tools and techniques that individuals and organizations use to increase their creative capacity and work place applications. The focus will be on creative behaviors and the value creativity brings to all types of organizations from entrepreneurial businesses to large companies, from hospitals to law offices, from solo practitioners to government agencies and not for profits. Creative leaders such as Steve Jobs, Robert Johnson and Marissa Mayer will be discussed. The influence of both individual and team creativity on organization success will be considered. The course will be offered in a seminar format and will include many experiential learning activities, including work at an international innovative company.

LED 4100     Great World Leaders  (3 cr.)

This course examines the leadership style of six to eight world leaders in order to better understand how they influence the success or failure of their country or organization. Cultural differences are also considered in order to appreciate how they can affect the leaders themselves and, in turn, play an important role in today's increasingly global environment. Prerequisite: LED 3000 or RAZR 3000.

LED 4200     Current Issues in Leadership  (3 cr.)

This course addresses the traditional and the appreciative inquiry models for analyzing leadership impact. A framework for analysis will be presented for use in determining best ways for leaders to attain business results at all levels in the organization. Students will use contemporary business writings as their source for identifying best ways. This will include the following: Fortune, Business Week, Journal of Applied Management and Entrepreneurship, as well as the business sections of daily newspapers. This course will be highly interactive. Prerequisite: LED 3000 or RAZR 3000.

LED 4250     Self Leadership in Organization  (3 cr.)

This course explores a multiplicity of frameworks that focus on leadership tasks. Leadership task behavior will be analyzed using practical models from a variety of readings. Students will build a personal set of actions for successful leadership task performance. All course activity will be based upon the reality of the current leadership situation. The course will address how the appropriate leadership behavior grows the business. The course philosophy will be based upon actions to take, as well as actions to be avoided. Students will learn from not only readings and discussion, but form case-in-point, simulation and leadership storytelling. Prerequisite: LED 3000 or RAZR 3000.

LED 4300     Situational Leadership  (3 cr.)

This course presents the concepts of leadership style and follower readiness using the Situational Leadership model developed by Paul Hersey. The importance of matching leadership style with follower readiness through a task-specific diagnosis is also presented. Situational Leadership will aid students in appreciating how their own leadership style affects others whenever they try to influence anyone within their organizations or in other aspects of their lives. Prerequisite: LED 3000 or RAZR 3000.