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Minor in Sport and
Recreation Management

If your passion for sports combined with your interest in business will lead you to a career in coaching, education, athletic training or a related profession, the minor in sport and recreation management will provide you the knowledge and information you need to succeed.

The minor requires completion of 15 credit hours.

SPT 1050 Introduction to Sport and Recreation Management  3 credits

Select four of the following:
SPT 2150 Sport in Society  3 credits
SPT 3150 Facility and Event Management  3 credits
SPT 3200 Sponsorship and Fundraising  3 credits
SPT 3550 Principles of Economics and Finance in Sport  3 credits
SPT 3650 Sport Marketing  3 credits
SPT 3775 Sport Camp Management  3 credits
SPT 3925 The Business of College Sports  3 credits
SPT 4425 Organization and Administration of Sport  3 credits
SPT 4550 Legal Aspects of Sport and Recreation  3 credits

Current students: Please consult your Academic Advisor for program requirements or access SharkLink for your CAPP report. Program requirements are subject to change, and your Academic Advisor or CAPP report can provide you with the courses required for your catalog term.

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Course Descriptions

SPT 1050     Introduction to Sport and Recreation Management  (3 cr.)

Provides an overview of the sport and recreation industry, history, and theory of management principles, and the examination of the key components of sport and recreation management: leadership, event management, marketing, fund-raising, budgeting, ethics, sport law, and public relations.

SPT 2150     Sport in Society  (3 cr.)

Studies the impact sport has on our society. The course examines the different levels of sport and emphasizes issues related to economics, education, race, gender, youth sports, social mobility, violence, and deviance.

SPT 3150     Facility and Event Management  (3 cr.)

This course studies the guidelines and principles of managing sport and recreation events and facilities. Topics include event logistics, critical planning techniques, negotiations, funding, and facility design, operation, and maintenance. Prerequisite: SPT 1050.

SPT 3200     Sponsorship and Fundraising  (3 cr.)

This course explores both sponsorship and fundraising from different levels of sport and recreation. Concepts and theories will be applied to case studies and current techniques for sponsorship acquisition and fundraising tactics.

SPT 3550     Principles of Economics and Finance in Sport  (3 cr.)

Examines current economic and financial issues that impact sport and recreation management. Topics include budget development, funding, capital projects, economic impact, and supply and demand in the sport and recreation industry. Prerequisites: ACT-2200, ECN-2020, and either SPT-1050 or SPWS-1200.

SPT 3650     Sport Marketing  (3 cr.)

A focus on the principles of sport marketing and the application of a sport marketing plan. Topics include advertising, marketing mix, consumer behavior, and relationship marketing.

SPT 3775     Sport Camp Management  (3 cr.)

An exploration into sport camp management principles and practices. An examination of residential, day, professional team, college athletic, and high school sport based camps with an emphasis on organization, staffing, operations, and evaluation. Prerequisite: SPT 1050.

SPT 3925     The Business of College Sports  (3 cr.)

This course examines the history, rules, and regulations that govern college athletics. Exploration into Division I, II, and III programs with a critical analysis of the current issues that each division faces. Prerequisite: SPT 1050.

SPT 4425     Organization and Administration of Sport  (3 cr.)

Reviews the principles of organizational structure and behavior within sport organizations. Topics include organizational policies and procedures, organizational effectiveness, communication networks, and leadership values. Prerequisite: SPT 1050

SPT 4550     Legal Aspects of Sport and Recreation  (3 cr.)

Reviews the legal considerations, responsibilities, and liabilities of institutions and their personnel as related to sport and recreation. Examines event management, personnel relations, and governmental regulations that impact sport and recreation. Prerequisite: SPT 1050 or SPT Faculty approval.