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Huizenga College Student Mentoring

Alix Alexis

Financial Advisor, Merrill Lynch - The Alexis & Heller Group

Alex Alexis

A 2013 NSU-MBA alumnus, Alix Alexis embodies the Shark motto, "Prepare to Dominate." Alix began his professional career in 2009 as a management development associate with PNC Bank. There, he learned every aspect of running a Financial Banking Center. He spent five years at PNC, the last three leading his own Banking Center in Ft. Lauderdale. Armed with his new MBA, in 2014 Alix was ready for a new entrepreneurial challenge. He set out to start building his own financial advisory practice by joining Merrill Lynch Wealth Management, a leading investment advisory firm with about 15,000 advisors. Today he is a Senior Portfolio Advisor and Managing Partner of The Alexis & Heller Group, a team of three advisors and one client associate. With a banking and finance background along with his insurance and investment advisory experience, he helps his clients cover the gaps in their financial strategies. Alix has already built an impressive client base including corporate executives, healthcare and legal professionals, small business owners, retirees and professional athletes.

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