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Dale Ledbetter

President and CEO

Dale Ledbetter Mr. Ledbetter is the President and CEO of Ledbetter Enterprises, Inc. (consulting, speaking engagements, and the publishing of books and audio programs designed to meet the needs of entrepreneurs, salespeople, and those responsible for marketing and customer service) as well as Ledbetter & Associates, P.A., a specialty law firm devoted entirely to representing investors (individual, corporate and public entities) who have lost money in securities investments as a result of negligence or abuse.

Mr. Ledbetter served as the Executive Vice President/Chief Operating Officer of Countrywide Securities Corporation (CSC), a subsidiary of Countrywide Home Loans. In addition, he was the Executive Vice President of Meridian Capital Markets, Inc., a subsidiary of Meridian Bancorp as well as Branch Manager Managing Director of Mortgage Government Servicing, Inc. (MGSI), an introducing broker to Bear Stearns. Mr. Ledbetter's previous experiences also included serving as a General Counsel, Staff Member to three US Senators, Presidential Campaign Aide in three national elections, and Staff Attorney for the National Labor Relations Board, Los Angeles, California.

He has several publications and serves on various boards, foundations, and associations.

Mr. Ledbetter earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Rhodes College and a Juris Doctorate from George Washington University.

Areas of expertise: Finance, Marketing, Sales Management, Law

Available for appointments: TBA

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