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Huizenga College Student Mentoring

Doug Cohen

Co-founder/Principal, TrialGraphix; President, Sandler Training

Doug Cohen It's been said that "nothing happens until somebody sells something." Doug Cohen, whose resume proclaims, "Experienced Rainmaker" at the very top, knows a thing or two about "selling something." This NSU MBA-grad has a revenue generation track record few could match, including driving revenue growth as a principal and co-founder of TrialGraphix, a national litigation consulting firm, from zero to close to $60 million. After 18 successful years building TrialGraphix from 3 to 325 employees, Doug and his partners sold it to a 55,000 employee publicly traded firm. He then took his love of sales and desire to help other businesses and started an authorized Sandler Training center, serving the south Florida business community. Doug currently works with startups to billion dollar companies, helping them leverage his expertise to learn and implement a proven selling system grounded in hard skills, powerful techniques and workable strategies. Doug has been a professional speaker and trainer for over 20 years, delivering keynote addresses, continuing legal education seminars, and sales and communication skills training to small, mid-size, and Fortune 500 companies. His clients pay handsomely for his multi-million dollar rainmaking expertise. Only for his alma mater, NSU, will he share some of his coaching secrets with students, gratis.

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