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Huizenga College of Business Students

Entrepreneurs Council Past Events

Photos from Past Events

Rock 'n' Roll Night, September 12, 2008

The H. Wayne Huizenga College of Business and Entrepreneurship held its fourth annual Rock 'n' Roll Night on September 12 at the Signature Grand. The event raised more than $125,000 for undergraduate scholarships and several Entrepreneurs Council members were in attendance. The scholarships will benefit Huizenga College students in need of financial assistance.

Entrepreneurs Council Photo

Wayne & Victoria Stofsky

Entrepreneurs Council Photo

Brian & Lisa Pearlman

Entrepreneurs Council Photo

Jade Chen, Pieter Coetzee & Ruchel Louis

Entrepreneurs Council Photo

Yolanda Harris & Rob Bolton

Annual Cinco de Mayo event at Cantina Laredo Restaurant
Entrepreneurs Council Photo

Dan LaMorte, Joe Pineda, Gary Grass, Wayne Stofsky

Entrepreneurs Council Photo

Nancy Olson, Yolanda Harris, Carl Garofalo

Entrepreneurs Council Xtreme Go-Kart Event

Entrepreneurs Council Photo
Hunter Chambliss & Ruchel Louis

Entrepreneurs Council Photo
Carl Gould, Hunter Chambliss, Randy Bast, David Lopez, Jennifer Lopez, Ruchel Louis & Jeff Kramer

Entrepreneurs Council Photo
Ruchel Louis, Jeff Kramer, Yolanda Harris accept
Xtreme Karting Hell's Angels winning team trophy

Huizenga College Holiday Get-Together, Dec. 2007

YEC Photo
Rich Rudner, Ruchel Louis, Fraser Austin, Maria Puente-Duany

YEC Photo
Steve & Terry Braun, Rob Isbitts

YEC Photo
Terri Braun; Dr. Pohlman, Dean Emeritus; Ruchel Louis

Fall 2007 Kick Off at the DeSantis Building

Entrepreneurs Council Photo
David Blyer & Scott Becher

Entrepreneurs Council Photo
Jacks Sterenfeld, Yolanda Harris, Jeff Kramer

Grand Ghoul 2006

Entrepreneurs Council Photo
Brian & Lisa Pearlman

Entrepreneurs Council Photo
Jayne Blyer, Jade Chen, David Blyer

Fall 2005 Kick Off at the DeSantis Building

Randy Bast, Jade Chen, David Blyer, Joe Pineda, Robert Isbitts

Grand Ghoul 2004 at the Signature Grand

Nancy & Christopher Cavanagh

David Blyer

Jacks & Ianna Sterenfeld

Sharon Garcia, Brian & Lisa Pearlman, Jade Chen

January 2004-Grand Opening of the DeSantis Building

Gil Bonwitt, Steve Hayworth, Michael Bondurant, Yolanda Harris

2003 Florida Panthers Game

Robert Isbitts, Jeffrey Kramer, Brian Pearlman

Randy Bast; Alysa Binder; Dr. Pohlman, Dean Emeritus

December 2004-Huizenga College Holiday Get Together at the Renaissance Hotel

Steve Nudelberg, Adam Kustin, Yolanda Harris, Alysa Binder, Hunter Chambliss

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