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Susie Levan

President and CEO, Susie Levan & Associates, Inc.

Susie Levan

Susie Levan is a renaissance woman, serial entrepreneur and spiritual warrior, with many passions and talents. From 1972 until 1988, at a time when women were still fighting to have a career, Susie Levan was the EVP and COO at a male-dominated NYSE company. However, in 1988, Levan was shaken to the core after her kidnapping and near-death experience.

Susie is an inspirational, compassionate and powerful woman who, through her near-death experience and many struggles, discovered her divine purpose and has dedicated her life’s work to empowering other women to live their best lives. 

In 1999, driven by the desire to support and empower women, she created the 501c3, Work-Life Balance Institute for Women, as well as founded and published BALANCE Magazine. Through her bimonthly Women’s Wisdom Circle, for over 20 years, she has taught hundreds of professional women meditation and practical tools to live a life of purpose, amplify their greatness and restore their power. 

A serial entrepreneur, in 2012, she started buying $1 million+ dollar waterfront homes in Fort Lauderdale to remodel, stage and flip. She has flipped over 10 homes successfully. 

On November 19, 2019, she released her book, “Getting to Forgiveness – What a Near-Death Experience Can Teach Us About Loss, Resilience and Love” which was #1 on the near-death experiences category for Amazon when released. With a powerful foreword by multi-GRAMMY® award-winning artist Gloria Estefan, this fast-paced, riveting true story of how Levan emerged a stronger soul after her kidnapping and near-death experience is a must-read for women of any age. Levan blends practical advice and engaging thought-provoking lessons learned, making them relatable and actionable. Net proceeds of book sales are being donated to non-profit organizations in Broward County.

Susie is not only an author, but is also a certified non-denominational pastoral counselor, hypnotherapist, teacher of meditation, life coach, and Reiki master/teacher.

Susie created two meditation CDs with GRAMMY-nominated new-age musician Steven Halpern. As a transformational leader and change agent, she speaks frequently on metaphysical and spiritual principals to book clubs, business groups and organizations.

Susie and her husband, Alan, were given the AFP Broward 2017 Philanthropist of the Year Award honoring community champions.  They are co-founders of the Susie & Alan B. Levan NSU Ambassadors Board. Susie is the 2020 Co-Chair of the United Way of Broward Magnolia Award Annual event. For the last 30 years, they both have been members of United Way Alexis de Tocqueville Society and are Shark Members of the NSU Fellows Society.  Susie is President of the Susie and Alan B. Levan Family Foundation.
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