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The Economics and Finance Association develops knowledge and skills among its members to assist and prepare them to pursue various careers in finance. It also provides an interface between the finance industry, finance faculty, and students at the Huizenga College of Business.

The GBSA seeks to enhance the value of students' education at the Huizenga College of Business by providing a wide variety of events and furthering involvement between students, the professors, administration, and the community. All graduate business students are invited to attend open meetings and serve on the executive team. All NSU students, undergrad and grad, are welcome at events.

The SFSG is a dynamic, diverse group of 20 graduate students who meet twice a month. The first of these meetings presents the unique opportunity of observing the Strategic Forum South Florida Chapter of 25 high-level business executives conduct their monthly meeting. The stimulating agenda, discussion, and phenomenal guest speakers enable the students to gain insights into the true meaning of professionalism and service. During the second meeting, the students create their own networking forum though forging relationships with each other, book studies (often meeting with the author), and making the most of their time at the Huizenga College of Business and beyond.

The Nova Southeastern University Student Chapter of the Society for Human Resource Management is dedicated to the professional development of students pursuing careers in human resources, personnel administration, training and development, compensation and benefits, consulting, team building, labor relations and various corporate leadership roles. NSU SHRM is affiliated with both the local and national Society for Human Resource Management chapters. Chapter members participate in activities on and off campus and learn from active professionals what it is like to work in Human Resources.

Student Organization News

GBSA Sponsors HCBE Student Leaders for Lean Six Sigma

Six Sigma Student leaders

The Graduate Business Student Association (GBSA) recognized the efforts of Huizenga College student group leaders by funding 16 of them for the Lean Six Sigma course run by HCBE Executive Education in April 2012. "Yellow Belts" were awarded to members of American Marketing Association, Economics & Finance Association, GBSA, Society for Human Resource Management, and Strategic Forum Student Group.


"GBSA, as the Huizenga College Student Government, was delighted to sponsor 16 top student leaders. These leaders are now able to organize a project, understand the process, assess its performance, analyze it, and develop a strategy that potentially reduces cycle time and inventory by 90%, doubles labor productivity, and reduces errors and scrap by 50%."
Arturo E. Bermudez, President | Graduate Business Student Association

"The Six Sigma training was an investment in time and money that exceeded my expectations. I was amazed at how much money companies are spending on processes that just frustrate employees and add no value to consumers."
Andrew Seminari, Membership Chair | Strategic Forum Student Group

"With increased competition in the job market, employers are looking for candidates who stand out among the rest. The Six Sigma training certification provides a competitive advantage."
Stephen Buckley, Treasurer | Economics & Finance Association

"The training totally changed my perception of management, marketing, workers interaction, customer service, product/service quality, manufacturing, and so on. Now I recognize the difference between businesses that 'looks good' versus 'being good'.
Viviany Frank, Public Relations Chair | Strategic Forum Student Group

"The design of the course made for a fun and exciting learning experience. The group exercises and simulations provided the opportunity to connect with my peers and other area professionals."
Tiphanie Rood, Secretary | Economics & Finance Association

"I gained a better appreciation of how continuous improvement and perfection can be great tools to contribute to my personal success and also in the marketplace. "
Patricia Celleri, Secretary | Graduate Business Student Association

"Process improvement really is a mindset. I now look for ways to remove waste from my everyday activities. I want to continue my education with the Green Belt."
Steven Dacres, Public Relations Executive | Graduate Business Student Association

"I highly recommend this four-day workshop to those who want to achieve the most efficient and profitable solutions possible within their companies. Anyone can learn from this course how to cut down on inefficiencies and reduce waste, which is the beauty about it."
Krystle Khan, President | Economics & Finance Association

M.B.A. Students Mentor Students from NSU's University School

Huizenga College M.B.A. students acted as guides and mentors to four USchool students who chose to visit HCBE in January and February 2012. Patricia Celleri, member of Graduate Business Student Association (GBSA) accompanied Alana Gross to an undergrad accounting class and a graduate finance class at Huizenga College of Business. "It was a good opportunity to share NSU experiences with Alana and talk about life as a student and the transition from high school to college", said Celleri.

M.B.A. Student Mentors M.B.A. Student Mentors
From left: Patricia Celleri, M.B.A. student; Alana Gross, USchool Junior, and Dr. Jack DeJong, Assistant Professor of Finance.
From left: Leo Alba, USchool Senior; Arturo Bermudez, M.B.A. student; James Richardson, M.I.B.A. student; Timothy Cabrera, M.B.A. student; Roi Manor, USchool Senior.

Fourth Annual GBSA Student Gala

GBSA Members
GBSA, L to R: Jeremy Woods, Jitiksha Shah, Turquoise Peart, Geet Patel, Niyati Mehta, Dean Fields, Clarissa Gruner, Akshat Bhargava, Claudia Zeller, Paola Balaguera, Catalina Victoria, Miguel Govea, Paola Lozano, Anne Librach, and Ryan Glenn.
GBSA Members GBSA Members
Strategic Forum Student Group Members, L to R: Serena Mann, Chelsea Felstead, advisor Carla Withrow, Miguel Govea, Drew Davitian, Enrique Zamudio, and Ivan Las Heras.
Chinese Student & Scholar Association, L to R: Peng Sun, Yue Yin, Yazhou Hu, Yuanyuan Lu.

On Saturday, May 1 2010, Huizenga College of Business students celebrated the end of the academic year with their 4th Annual Gala at the Signature Grand. The 100+ attendees included graduate and undergraduate business students, professors, faculty, staff, and guests. M.B.A. student Chelsea Felstead led the evening as Master of Ceremonies with grace and charisma. Dean Michael Fields gave a few words on HCBE's future. Guest speaker Stephen Muffler, J.D., LLM, encouraged students to fully utilize their degrees and pursue life-long learning.

"Students' Choice Awards" are determined through online voting in the weeks preceding the Gala and gave special recognition to outstanding individuals at HCBE. The 2010 trophies went to Larry Perez, Graduate Academic Advisor; Nicholas Ritchie, Undergraduate Academic Advisor; Dr. Thomas Tworoger, Undergrad Professor; Dr. Nathan Charles, Graduate Professor; Assistant Dean Joe Pineda, HCBE Person; Beatriz Restrepo, Graduate Business Student; and the Accounting Club, Organization.

Officers of the Accounting Club, American Marketing Association, Strategic Forum Student Group, Society for Human Resource Management, and the Graduate Business Student Association were given plaques for their efforts during 2009-10.

Drew Vahe Davitian and Peng Sun received awards as top producers in the HCBE Portfolio Competition. Serena Mann, the NSU Student Life Achievement Awards (STUEY) HCBE Student of the Year, was honored by a $1,000 award from the Strategic Forum.

NSU's RadioX provided the music, while the NSU mascot, Razor the Shark, entertained guests at the dinner tables.

Many thanks go to the Gala Committee: Catalina Victoria, Miguel Govea, and Clarissa Grüner!

Chinese Student & Scholar Association Partners with GBSA to Celebrate the Chinese New Year

February 14, 2010, the "Year of the Tiger" according to the Chinese Lunar Calendar, was celebrated from noon to four by members of the Chinese Student & Scholar Association along with the Huizenga College of Business Graduate Business Student Association and the Nova International Students' Association. The tiger is a symbol of courage, a fearless fighter revered by the ancient Chinese as the sign that wards off the three main disasters of a household: fire, thieves and ghosts.

The event included many traditional Chinese activities. Chinese buns (baozi) and dumplings were part of the meal. Pianists Yazhou Hu & Yuanyuan Lu entertained the group with classical music. A graceful Tibetan folk dance was performed by Yuanyuan Lu. At the gift sharing, guests chose a favorite-massaging sticks, cosmetic mirrors, Chinese knots, etc. Emma Chen taught Chinese Calligraphy, which brought a lot fun to the party! At the very end, traditional Chinese red envelops were given out to send fortune and joy to everyone attending.

"I feel very honored and proud to be a member of the NSU family. Our event provided a sense of home which brought so many people together." said by the CSSA Executive Committee President Peng Sun.

Chinese New Year Celebration Chinese New Year Celebration
Celebrants of the Chinese New Year at the CSSA event.
CSSA President Peng Sun and NISA President Diana Karpowicz gave out traditional Chinese red envelopes.

Students Visit Mallah Furman Accounting Firm

On Friday, January 8, 2010, a group of Accounting Club and Strategic Forum Student Group members spent two hours at the public accounting firm of Mallah Furman in downtown Miami. The firm's corporate office on the 14th floor of the Brickell Bay Office Tower was breathtakingly impressive. The host was Managing Partner Howard L. Goldstein. He recommended that students should think long term about their career paths, follow their passions, and not make money their #1 priority. Mr. Goldstein feels very strongly that a balanced life is a necessity-our "5 to 9" life is just as important as our "9 to 5" one. Presentations were also made by various staff members. Partner Benjamin Bohlmann spoke on the tax side of the accounting business, especially relating to international and estate law and the interpretation of new regulations. He also told the group that at Mallah Furman "distinctive service" is stressed in order to maintain the long-term relationships they have with clients. Director of Litigation Carl Fedde spoke of how forensic accounting works with lawyers and C.P.A. are involved with "crime, sex, and drugs". He advised students to enter the profession with exceptionally strong Excel and analytic skills. Principal Mike Valencia spoke of his role as an auditor doing a "cold review" as advising a business to "do the right thing".

Mallah Furman Visit Mallah Furman Visit
From left: Miguel Govea, Jalvent Smith, Dewayne Murray, Sonless Martin, Paola Balaguera, Akshat Bhargava, Lisbeth Arrellano, Beatriz Restrepo, advisor Carla Withrow, Betsy Vasquez, Howard Goldstein
Discussion with young MF staff members Mandy, Diego, and Steven.

2009 Huizenga College of Business Student Gala

The 2009 Huizenga College of Business Student Gala at the Signature Grand, Saturday, May 2, was a huge success! The 170 guests ranged from deans, professors, staff members, undergrads, and grad students from a variety of programs. Surprise entertainment was provided by a band of roving pirates! (One of their gallant leaders was Kevin McCarthy has a day job in the SBE Program Office.) A special honoree at the event was Dean Randy Pohlman. Students' Choice Awards went to Ashley Haskins as Advisor of the Year, Dr. Harrychand Kalicharan as Undergrad Professor of the Year, Dr. Tim McCartney as Graduate Professor of the Year, and Steven Harvey as Staff Member of the Year. The seven Huizenga College of Business student groups recognized the efforts of their 2008-9 officers and faculty advisors by giving trophies. The speaker was presentation-expert Linda Sherwin, who used "to be or not to be" to urge us to know ourselves in order to be effective self-marketers and reach our personal and professional goals. The spirited MC was none other than GBSA's President Dave Cohn, and NSU's RadioX provided the music.

Graduate Business Student Association

Society for Human Resources Management

GBSA Officers SHRM
From left to right: David Cohn, Pres; Octavio Ramirez, Executive VP; Jennifer Greenberg, VP; Dave Greco, III, Secretary; Akshat Bhargava, Treasurer
From left to right: Danisha Donovan, President; Tanya Blair, VP; Nandita Joshi, VP; Dr. Helen Turnbull, faculty advisor

Finance and Economics Association

Accounting Club

FEA Accounting Club
From left to right: Omar Amador, President; Stefania Iglesias, VP; Maria A. Garcia, VP; Emily Mino, Treasurer; Charles Harrington, VP
From left to right: Nageen Ali, President; Betsy Vasquez, VP; Kendall Ramsijewan, VP; Kevin Meyer; Dr. Judith Harris, faculty advisor

Alpha Kappa Psi

American Marketing Association

Alpha Kappa Psi American Marketing Association
From left to right: Brian Work, VP; Yi Ling (Not present: Anais Correa, President; Patrice Monique Hydes, VP; Michelle McKo, VP)
From left to right: Sean Williams, VP; Franklin Pacheco, VP; David Vega, Treasurer; Simone Spence, VP; Allison Gordon, VP; Dr. Robert Deer, faculty advisor (Not present: Jason Green, President)

Strategic Forum Student Group

Strategic Forum Student Group
From left to right: Akshat Bhargava, Chair; Carla Withrow, Advisor; Beatriz Restrepo, VP; Millan Bhatt, Treasurer; Chelsea Felstead, Secretary; Miguel Govea

Graduate Professor of the Year

Honoring Dean Pohlman

Dr Tim McCartney Dean Pohlman
Dr. Tim McCartney
Dean Pohlman received recognition and golf gift from SFSG member Anne-Sofi Friis.
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