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Huizenga College of Business Students

Strategic Forum Student Group

SFSG 2012

2012 SFSG Members
Back row from L: Arturo E. Bermudez, M.B.A. in Entrepreneurship; Henry Woodman, M.B.A. in Entrepreneurship; Vivien Anderson, M.B.A. in Finance; James Richardson, M.I.B.A.; Fiona Baton, M.S. in Human Resource Management; Timothy Cabrera, M.B.A. in Entrepreneurship; Andrew Seminari, M.B.A. in Global Management.
Front row from L: Carla Withrow, SFSG Advisor; Tiphanie Rood, Master of Accounting.
Not pictured: Viviany Frank, M.I.B.A.; Dayna Campbell, M.I.B.A.; John Heinemann, M.B.A. in Entrepreneurship.

Networking in Action

The Strategic Forum began in New York City in 2002 as a venue where business leaders from a broad range of disciplines could meet to exchange ideas and create opportunities. The South Florida Strategic Forum Chapter of 30 high-level business executives and entrepreneurs presents a stimulating agenda and discussion at monthly meetings held in the Amaturo Board of Governors Room at the H. Wayne Huizenga College of Business and Entrepreneurship. Since 2004, the vision of the SF Student Group has been to add value to their education by interacting with the SF members and guests.
Recent guest speakers include:

  • Mario Diaz-Balart, U.S. House of Representatives
  • Bob Diener, co-founder
  • George Naddaff, founder of Boston Markets
  • Fred DeLuca, co-founder of SUBWAY chain
  • Steve Odland, Chairman & CEO, Office Depot
  • Ben Baldanza, President & CEO, Spirit Airlines

Mission Statement

The Strategic Forum Student Group (SFSG) is an academic student organization that fosters the students' ability to understand the process and outcomes of the highest form of business networking and to enhance professional growth through academic and pragmatic integration.


The SFSG sees its vision as one of guiding new members by sharing and modeling what they have gained in observing the powerful use of networking as applied by the SF members. Ultimately, the experience will lead to confident, knowledgeable, and innovative business people who are successful in reaching their goals.


  • Provide students with an environment where they can learn from experiences of high-level business executives in areas including networking, team building, presentations, business promotion, work-life balance, personal & professional development, and community service.
  • Complement the formal classroom education of students through the discussion of selected literature, including books and case analysis.
  • Develop the values that are part of the vision of the SFSG and the positive qualities observed in SF members.
  • Promote the integration of students into the business arena.


The ideal SFSG member is an individual who is committed to high academic achievement, strives for professional excellence, and acknowledges the importance of service.

Mirroring the SF, the SFSG members exhibit superior ethical values, going above and beyond to support others in achieving their goals and creating a better world.

SFSG members are aware that the performance of each one affects the whole group; thus they show loyalty to the group during and outside of meetings.

The Strategic Forum South Florida Chapter generously offers scholarships to current Huizenga College of Business Master's Programs students. For more information, see the Huizenga College of Business' Scholarship Page.


Having the opportunity to be a part of the Strategic Forum as a student was as valuable to me as the degree - if not more so, particularly now that I've moved out of the area and have embarked on a new venture. Learning the "power of networking" and most importantly, seeing it in action of how to do it effectively and the impact it can have on both your career and personal life was more valuable than I can ever express. This was even more unbelievable to me considering the fact that I already had over 20 years experience as a company CEO and thought I already knew everything. (Practically!) Where else would you have the opportunity to sit up close and personal with likes of the founders of Subway and Every meeting was a new opportunity and experience.
Mike Kind, M.B.A. Entrepreneurship

The ability to be a part of such a group is inspirational because most successful entrepreneurs weren't 'born'; they developed their talents through time. You see first-hand that you just never know where the next opportunity will come from.
Ann Rosenthal, M.B.A. Entrepreneurship

What I have learnt is that Opportunities already exist. It's whether an individual has the passion, drive, determination, perseverance and attitude to go after those opportunities! Around that table entrepreneurs seek one thing: Not what others can do for them, but what one can do for others
Shruti Salghur, M.I.B.A.

The Strategic Forum has been one of the most fulfilling events that I have personally been a part of. It goes beyond a text book and allows the participant to learn from real-life experiences.
Lazaro A. Mederos, M.B.A., SIFE President

I look forward to these meetings eagerly each month to learn from the experts. The Strategic Forum provided this great opportunity for students like me to dream and shape our own lives in ways that the guests accomplished.
Sundar Thyagarajan, M.B.A. Entrepreneurship

Becoming part of the SFSG made me realize the very few spaces in the higher education system of America where a business student has the unique opportunity to meeting face-to-face with entrepreneurs and corporate leaders of the highest level and learn from them, not only their successful experiences, but the path that conducted them where they currently stand. Priceless experience!
Juan Carlos Egas, M.I.B.A.

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