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Michael J. Giordano Promising Leaders Scholarship

Michael J. Giordano Promising Leaders Scholarship


Office of Enrollment Services
Katelynn Graf
(954) 262-5090

Award Amount: Two students can earn up to $10,000 scholarship money per year

Deadline: Closed


  • be an NSU undergraduate student who has earned enough academic credits to be considered a junior or senior
  • be pursuing a major at the H. Wayne Huizenga College of Business and Entrepreneurship (HCBE)
  • be enrolled full time at NSU
  • have a cumulative NSU GPA of at least 3.0

Application and Process:

  • Students must prepare an oral presentation.
  • Presentations will be heard by a panel of judges annually on a date and in a place to be announced by the dean of the HCBE or his or her designee, in any year that funds are available to award.
  • In 2018, the topic will be "Describe how you would build your livelihood or a business if money did not exist." The panel of judges will announce the topic going forward on an annual basis.
  • The panel of judges will be assembled by the HCBE dean or his or her designee. Michael J. Giordano or his designee may participate on the panel of judges as long as NSU representatives constitute at least 51 percent of the panel membership.

Selection Process:

  • The panel of judges may decide to select no winner, one winner, or multiple winners in any given year that funds are available.
  • Should there be multiple winners, the panel of judges may choose to award the same or different amounts to each winner, at their full discretion.

Use of Award:

  • Awards may be used by selected students for (a) Direct Cost of Attendance at NSU, as defined hereafter, and (b) materials required for NSU courses purchased from the NSU Bookstore, provided that all sums due to NSU for Direct Cost of Attendance are paid in full. If a selected student has a balance due to NSU for Direct Cost of Attendance, no portion of the award may be used for the foregoing item (b). The term "Direct Cost of Attendance" shall mean and include the costs assessed by NSU to a selected student for tuition, NSU-related fees, and, if applicable, NSU room and board charges. Direct Cost of Attendance shall not include payment of fines or other sums due by a selected student for items such as parking violations, library charges, or unpaid health care charges due to NSU. No portion of any award may be used for payment of such charges.
  • The maximum amount of the award to any selected student shall not exceed $10,000, subject to the award criteria.
  • The amount of the award, as determined by the panel of judges, shall be further limited to be the lesser of (a) the amount of the award or (b) the amount required to pay for the student's Direct Cost of Attendance and, provided the Direct Cost of Attendance is paid in full, materials required for NSU courses purchased from the NSU Bookstore.
  • The awards will be paid to student accounts in conjunction with the NSU Office of Enrollment and Student Services.

Additional Consideration:

  • Any winner, regardless of the amount of the award, may choose to participate in mentorship and/or coaching opportunities offered by Michael J. Giordano, either personally or in conjunction with a senior employee of any company owned or controlled by him.
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