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Huizenga College of Business Students

Student Success Workshops

The Office of Academic Advising has developed informational Student Success Workshops that will assist you in building up your academic toolbox for success. The workshops are available online by selecting the hyper linked title below. Future workshops are in development, if you are interested in a topic area please consult your academic advisor for further assistance.

Topic Description

Making Groups Work

Making Groups Work: Making Groups Work is an interactive program workshop that explores the Benchmarks for Success while Working in Teams. This collaborative workshop explores the role of communication, accountability, organization, leadership and goal-setting in group environments.

How to be Successful with Online Learning

This workshop is primarily geared toward students who are unfamiliar with the online class format at NSU or have not experienced online learning in their academic careers. You will learn the skills needed to be successful and the expectations placed upon online students. You will learn how to prepare for your first or your next online class.

Mastering your Study Skills

Various study methods will be reviewed including the SQ3R reading technique and note-taking techniques, such as mind mapping and the Cornell Method. Students will discuss concentration strategies and how to improve long-term memory in this interactive workshop.

Juggling School, Work & Life

A typical graduate student has additional responsibilities such as family and career added to their daily schedule. The demands from these important aspects can detract from the demands of the academic program. This workshop will offer tips to balance activities and still maintain a successful vs. stressful lifestyle.

Goal Setting

Move from the passive act of setting mental goals to actively pursuing and achieving realistic and manageable goals. This workshop will help identify personal and professional goals and offer tips to actively pursue and achieve them.

Stress Management

Stress tends to affect various aspects of a healthy lifestyle. While not all stress is negative it is important to be able to identify both positive and negative stress and manage both effectively. This workshop will guide participants through the identification process to the management process. Available resources for continued stress management will be provided.

Test Anxiety

Anxiety is characterized by physical or emotional symptoms that are brought on by fear, angst or dread. It's no wonder that feelings prior to an exam or poor performance on an exam are attributed to "test anxiety". This workshop will address common symptoms and offer strategies to overcome anxious feelings which could lead to improved performance.

Learning Styles

This workshop will assist students to identify their personal learning style(s) and the study techniques tailored to each learning style. Participants will discover the best method(s) to take in information (input) and how to use information for effective learning (output).
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