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Master of Public Administration Goals and Objectives

M.P.A. Program Mission

The mission of Nova Southeastern University's (NSU), H. Wayne Huizenga College of Business and Entrepreneurship's (HCBE) Master of Public Administration (MPA) program is to enhance local governance through teaching, research, and active public service. Our flexible course delivery options prepare our diverse student population to serve the local community with integrity, objectivity, and creativity. The program fosters critical thinking, analytical decision-making, and ethical leadership skills necessary to effectively address public sector challenges and opportunities.

Public Service Values

In addition to embodying the Nova Southeastern University core values: Academic Excellence, Student Centered, Integrity, Innovation, Opportunity, Scholarship/Research, Diversity, and Community, the NSU Florida M.P.A. program is committed to:
  1. Transparency and accountability in teaching, research, and service that supports the local community and advances the public administration profession
  2. Demonstrating mutual respect among faculty, students, and the community to support diversity and inclusiveness
  3. Developing ethical, knowledgeable, and proficient public service leaders that serve with integrity, objectivity, and creativity
  4. Providing experiential learning opportunities to foster sustainability through critical thinking and analytical decision-making skills

Program Performance Goals

PG 1.0: The MPA Program will maintain a mission, public service values, goals and outcomes that support the needs of local government and align with available resources
PG 2.0: The MPA program will maintain administrative and governance capacity sufficient to fulfill its mission
PG 3.0: The MPA Program shall maintain a diverse faculty who are effective teachers, are involved in academic research, participate in scholarly activity, and provide service to their community and profession
PG 4.0: The MPA Program will maintain enrollments that are diverse and reflect a commitment to public service that strengthens communities
PG 5.0: The MPA Program will provide a structure and support services (e.g., advising, career counseling, and job search assistance) that allow students to complete their degrees in a timely fashion and advance their careers in public service
PG 6.0: The MPA Program will provide a curriculum aligned with local government needs and maintain student learning outcomes in support of its mission
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Student Learning Goals (LG) and Objectives (LO)

LG1. Public Sector Knowledge: Our students will apply knowledge and skills in public policy and administration
LO1. Our students will demonstrate competence in applying public policy and administration theories, perspectives, and practices to enhance the policy process

LG1. Analytical Decision-Making: Our students will be analytical decision-makers
LO1. Students will apply financial, economic, statistical, and technological models to make evidence-based decisions on public sector projects

LG3. Communication: Our students will be effective communicators
LO1. Students will compose technically proficient and professional public sector documents appropriate for the intended audience
LO2. Students will arrange and deliver persuasive and productive oral presentations to convey information and findings on public sector projects

LG4. Critical Thinking: Our students will be critical thinkers
LO1. Students will apply critical thinking processes to evaluate complex social problems within the public sector

LG5. Ethical Leadership: Our students will be ethical leaders
LO1. Students will employ effective, ethical leadership skills and community welfare principles to public sector situations

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