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Fred Forgey, Ph.D.

Fred Forgey
Chair & Associate Professor of Public Administration and Real Estate Development


  • PHD - Texas Tech University - Land Use Planning Mgmt Design
  • MBA - University North Texas - Business Administration
  • BBA - University Texas-Arlington - Real Estate
REE 5878 Real Estate Development Process: Part I
REE 5880 Real Estate Finance
REE 5887 Real Estate Investments
REE 5891 Financial Concepts and Analysis for Real Estate
No information on file.

Thomas Tworoger, Fred Forgey, & Silvia Orta Entrepreneurs in Cuba: Exploration through experiential learning. Advances In Research Symposium 2019.

Entrepreneurs in Cuba: Exploration through experiential learning , Advance in Business Research Symposium, 2019, Fort Smith, Arkansas

Case Study: Creating Graduate Programs in Sustainability, Seventh International Conference on Environmental, Cultural, Economic and Social Sustainability, 2011, Hamilton, New Zealand

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Fred Forgey & Adam Hamilton (2000). University-Affiliated Housing Communities for Senior Citizens. Seniors Housing and Care Journal 8(1), pp. 26-30.

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Fred Forgey (1993). Tax Increment Financing: Equity, Effectiveness, and Efficiency. Municipal Year Book 1993 (), pp. 25-33.

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