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Jack De Jong, Ph.D.

Jack De Jong
Associate Professor of Finance


  • CERT - CFA Institute - Chartered Financial Analyst Charterholder
  • PHD - University Hawaii-Manoa - International Management
  • MBA - University Chicago - Finance & Management Science
  • BA - Calvin College - Business Administration/Mathematics
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FIN 5130 Financial Management
FIN 5550 Investments
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Determinants of Nest Egg Sustainability, Financial Planning Association of South Florida Annual Conference, 2017, Boca Raton, Florida

The Determinants of Nest Egg Sustainability, Financial Planning Association Annual Meeting, 2016, Baltimore, MD

Momentum/Contrarian Abnormal Returns and Non-U.S. Exchange Traded Funds, Global Finance Conference, 2009, Honolulu

Abnormal Returns with Momentum / Contrarian Strategies Using Exchange Traded Funds, Financial Management Association Meeting, 2008, Grapevine (Dallas), TX

John Robinson & Jack De Jong (2017). Determinants of Retirement Portfolio Sustainability and Their Relative Impacts. Journal of Financial Planning 30(4), pp. 54-62.

Jack De Jong & Darshana Palkar (2016). Risk and the Volatility Anomaly. Journal of Investing 25(3), pp. 17-28.

Jack De Jong, Jr., Cynthia Campbell, Rosita Chang, Robert Doktor, Lars Oxelheim, & Trond Rondoy (2016). The Impact of CEO Long-term Compensation Incentives on Economic Growth in Collectivist versus Individualist Countries. Asian Economic Papers 15(2), pp. 109-133.

Jack De Jong, Jr., Rosita Chang, Qianqiu Liu, Jack Suyderhoud, & John Robinson (2014). The Cost of Guaranteed Income: Demystifying the Value Proposition of Variable Annuities with Guaranteed Lifetime Withdrawal Benefit (GLWB) Riders. Retirement Management Journal 4(1), pp. 55-69.

Jack De Jong, Jr., Qianqiu Liu, Rosita Chang, & John Robinson (2011). Are Lifecycle Funds Getting a Bum Rap? A Comprehensive Comparison of Lifecycle versus Lifestyle Retirement Strategies from Accumulation Through Withdrawal. Journal of Wealth Management 14(2), pp. 68-84.

Jack De Jong, Jr., Qianqiu Liu, Rosita Chang, & John Robinson (2009). Reality Check: The Implications of Applying Sustainable Withdrawal Rate Analysis to Real World Portfolios. Financial Services Review 18(2), pp. 123 - 139.

Jack De Jong, Jr. & Ghon Rhee (2008). Abnormal Returns with Momentum/Contrarian Strategies Using Exchange Traded Funds. Journal of Asset Management 9(4), pp. 289 - 299.

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