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Amid the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, NSU is committed to helping you pursue your dreams in the safest environment possible. In addition to offering online courses as a learning option, we have implemented a BlendFlex educational model that offers in-class instruction, synchronous remote instruction, and online taped lecture instruction.

Master the New Business of Health Care

Welcome to the intersection where technology, research and innovation all meet. Some call it the “new” business of healthcare. We call it your ticket to successful leadership in the profession.

While you already navigate health care’s enormous complexity and continual transformation, your M.B.A. in Complex Health Systems adds a powerful edge. It empowers you to improve patients and stakeholder business solutions as a healthcare leader or facilitate cutting-edge laboratory findings, medicines, therapies and device launches as an entrepreneur.

  • Developed by Advisory Board of health care leaders, researchers, innovators and entrepreneurs.
  • Founded on NSU's Center for Collaborative Research's top-level relationships with incubator and early stage healthcare businesses, biotech and pharma.
  • Emphasizes experiential learning environment in class and inside the healthcare business continuum (hospitals, clinics and research settings, including an experiential capstone course).

Apply now for NSU's M.B.A. with a Major in Complex Health Systems.

Quick Facts


NSU’s M.B.A. program is 40-49 total credits to complete, depending on undergraduate coursework.

Start Dates

The M.B.A. with a Major in Complex Health Systems is available to start in August, October, January, March and May. The Saturday MBA Program option is available to start once a year, beginning in Fall 2021.

Delivery Options

Classes for the M.B.A. in Complex Health Systems are part of a cohort program and are offered on alternating Saturdays at the Fort Lauderdale/Davie and Miami campuses. An on-campus Saturday MBA program is also available on the Fort Lauderdale/ Davie campus that can be completed in one year. 


Tuition for the degree program is $939 per credit hour. Discounted rates are available through our employer tuition program.

Earning Potential

Business Office Director $127,579 Average Salary Per Year
Head of Home Care $113,612 Average Salary Per Year
Medical and Health Services Manager $94,500 Average Salary Per Year


Complex Health Systems Curriculum

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M.B.A. Core Courses (21–31 credits)
ACT 5001*
Introductory Accounting ( ACT 5001* / Credits: 3 )
ACT 5140
Accounting for Decision Makers ( ACT 5140 / Credits: 3 )
FIN 5008**
Business Finance ( FIN 5008** / Credits: 3 )
FIN 5130
Financial Management ( FIN 5130 / Credits: 3 )
ISM 5150
Information Systems Strategy and Data Management ( ISM 5150 / Credits: 3 )
MGT 5001
Developing Academic and Career Success ( MGT 5001 / Credits: 1 )
MGT 5105
Managing Organizational Behavior in a Dynamic and Complex World ( MGT 5105 / Credits: 3 )
MGT 5170
Applying Strategy for Managers ( MGT 5170 / Credits: 3 )
MKT 5125
Marketing Decisions for Managers ( MKT 5125 / Credits: 3 )
QNT 5000**
Foundations of Business Statistics ( QNT 5000** / Credits: 3 )
QNT 5160
Data Driven Decision Making ( QNT 5160 / Credits: 3 )
Major Courses Required (18 credits)
CHS 5000
Governance in Complex Health Systems ( CHS 5000 / Credits: 3 )
CHS 5100
Regulatory, Legal, and Ethical Environment in Complex Health Systems ( CHS 5100 / Credits: 3 )
CHS 5200
Financial Environment in Complex Health Systems ( CHS 5200 / Credits: 3 )
CHS 5300
Principles of Leadership for Collaboration, Change, and Team Science in Complex Health Systems ( CHS 5300 / Credits: 3 )
CHS 5400
Translational Research in Complex Health Systems ( CHS 5400 / Credits: 3 )
CHS 5500
Practicum in Complex Health Systems ( CHS 5500 / Credits: 3 )

* Course may be waived at the discretion of the department chair or designee. Waivers will only be considered when an equivalent course with a grade of C has been earned in the past 10 years
** Waivers will only be considered when an equivalent course with a grade of B- has been earned in the past 5 years

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