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Entrepreneurship Certificate

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The name of our college, The H. Wayne Huizenga College of Business and Entrepreneurship, says it all! H. Wayne Huizenga was one of the world's most successful entrepreneurs. In fact, our country is built on the vision, motivation, and performance of entrepreneurs. An entrepreneurship certificate will give you the core knowledge necessary to realize your entrepreneurial vision. You will cover entrepreneurship and law, venture creation, entrepreneurship finance, entrepreneurship management, and international trade for entrepreneurs. The entrepreneurship certificate will empower you to create your own business that can grow to whatever you want it to be!

Certificate courses may not be taken while completing graduate degree courses. Students may apply appropriate certificate courses toward the completion of a master's degree if financial aid was not used to help pay tuition and other fees; and if the certificate courses are transferred before completion of the certificate. Students cannot transfer certificate courses toward a Master's Degree after the awarding of the certificate. Consult the Course Catalog for details.

Class Formats:

  • Weeknight classes on the main campus
  • International students on a F1 visa are not eligible for this program

Full-time professionals are available to discuss the entrepreneurship certificate curriculum with you in greater detail. Simply call 800.672.7223 Ext. 25067 or contact our Enrollment Services Staff.

Total credits: 15

ENT 5940 Entrepreneurship Law
ENT 5960 Entrepreneurship / Venture Creation
FIN 5970 Entrepreneurship / Finance
ENT 5985 Lean Entrepreneurship
Choose one of the following:
ENT 5966 Special Topics in Entrepreneurship: Cuba Study Tour
ENT 5990 International Trade for Entrepreneurs

Full-Time professionals are available to discuss the Entrepreneurship certificate curriculum with you in greater detail. Simply call 800.672.7223 Ext. 25168 or contact our Enrollment Services Staff.

Course Descriptions

The following prerequisite course may be necessary for certificate completion.

FIN 5008 Business Finance

Not required if prevsiously taken or an an equivalent course with a grade of B- has been taken in the past 5 years

Students have two options for satisfying a program prerequisite course:

  1. Complete course(s) offered by the H. Wayne Huizenga College of Businessand Entrepreneurship;
  2. Complete a proficiency examination administered by a testing organizationthat has national recognition, such as CLEP and DANTES. Students selectingthis option must complete the requirements within their first two semesters with HCBE. After the second semester, courses must be completed with HCBE. Official transcripts must be received by the office of Academic Advising one week prior to students seeking to register for courses requiring the prerequisite requirement.

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

Graduate Business Admissions Week | April 22-27

Graduate Business Admissions Week makes it more convenient than ever for you to enroll in the H. Wayne Huizenga College of Business and Entrepreneurship. This all inclusive event enables you to learn about our programs, complete the application, gain acceptance and register for classes - all on the same day and in one place. The application fee is waived only at this event!


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