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Per-Olof Lööf - KEMET Electronics Business Intelligence / Analytics Competition

KEMET Electronics Business Intelligence / Analytics Competition

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NSU's H. Wayne Huizenga College of Business and Entrepreneurship in conjunction with KEMET Electronics Corporation, is pleased to announce its business intelligence / analytics scholarship competition for the third time. This competition was made possible through a generous donation from KEMET Electronics Corporation.

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The KEMET Business Intelligence / Analytics Competition assesses participants in three (3) areas: Research and Data Mining (Finding and getting relevant data), Data Preparation (Preparing the data for analysis), and Data Analysis (Getting useful insight from the data).

Competitors will be provided with the data and will be expected to obtain publicly available data needed for the analysis, to prepare the data in a meaningful way, and to complete the analysis to identify useful insight(s).

The winner of this competition will receive a scholarship of up to $12,500.


Data and questions are made available to the registered participants once the application period is completed on February 21, 2020

To assist participants in their projects, the mentoring session with KEMET’s lead data scientists will be held on March 14 and the session with faculty advisors will be held on April 3rd.  Competitors will complete the analysis and prepare a written report along with the data files used for analysis and oral presentation (ppt, video) by May 1st.

A panel of judges will evaluate the submissions and select the top five (5) solutions. Selected competitors present their solutions to a panel of faculty advisors and KEMET leadership team on May 15th. The final score will be determined as a combination of written submission and oral presentation scores.


The competition is open to all students who are currently enrolled in the Huizenga College MBA program with a major in Business Intelligence / Analytics. Those who are interested in participating in this competition must submit the KEMET Scholarship Qualifier Application via email to by February 14th, 2020.

This is an individual competition, thus, team solutions won't be considered.

Submission Instructions

Registered participants will receive the data and the questions once the application process is completed. Competitors will select one (1) question to answer. The final solution must consist of a written report, relevant data files used in the analysis, and a presentation (Power Point, video, Office Mix etc.). The written report and presentation must present the solution, discuss the methods / approach / analytical framework for the analysis, data collection / preparation / process, and present the results and final recommendations. The solution should be submitted to


The winner of this competition will receive a scholarship of up to $12,500.

Contact Information

For more information please send your request to

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