M.B.A. Concentration in Business Intelligence/ Analytics

Smarter Business Starts with Smarter Decisions

The only way Big Data becomes a big business advantage is when it's in the hands and on the screens of leaders who know how to best identify, gather, extract, and analyze it; transform it into valuable business intelligence; and communicate it in clear, easy-to-understand ways that key stakeholders across all departments understand.

Business leaders who master this capability drive stronger decision making, reduced cost and waste, optimized operations, and more successful new business opportunities in any organization they serve. Your M.B.A. in Business Intelligence/Analytics prepares you to make an immediate, impactful contribution through advanced proficiency in the science of business modeling, database systems, data warehousing, data mining, and benchmarking.

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Quick Facts


NSU’s M.B.A. program is 39 total credits to complete.

Start Dates

The M.B.A. in Business Intelligence/Analytics concentration program is available to start in August, October, January, March and May.

Delivery Options

Classes for the M.B.A. in Business Intelligence/Analytics program are offered online and in the evening at our Fort Lauderdale/Davie campus. Core M.B.A. classes are offered online or at the Fort Lauderdale/Davie campus through our full-time and evening programs.


Tuition for the degree program is $840 per credit hour, with online programs offered at $895 per credit hour. Discounted rates are available through our employer tuition program.

Earning Potential

Data Modeling Analyst $101,144 Average Salary Per Year
Business Intelligence Director $158,073 Average Salary Per Year
Business Analytics Director $148,270 Average Salary Per Year

Source: Salary.com

Program Overview

About the M.B.A. Concentration in Business Intelligence/Analytics

NSU's Business Intelligence/Analytics program will build your skills using software applications that can transform data into information you'll need for business operations and decisions.

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