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Undergraduate Student Organizations

Alpha Kappa Psi's mission is to create professional business leaders, through innovation, service, and higher ideals therein. "Shaping people, Shaping business".

President: Pryscila Salinas
Vice President: Brittany Nicholson
Advisor name: Dr. Rita Shea Van Fossen
Twitter: @akpsinsu
Instagram: @akpsinsu
Facebook: Akpsi Nova

Alpha Kappa Psi Students Alpha Kappa Psi Students

The NSU Accounting Club's mission is to promote a better understanding of the accounting profession. The club accomplishes this goal by sponsoring guest speakers from the accounting industry and by organizing networking and social events and projects. Through these functions, members are able to network with professors, others accounting students, and faculty, as well as give back to the community

President: Alexandrea Reggiani
Vice President: Izabella Bass Klicsu
Advisor: Dr. Renu Desai

Business of Students Sports Association is an organization that seeks to promote the development of its student members interested in careers and content related to Sport and Recreation Management through facilitation of practical learning opportunities that extend beyond the classroom.

President: Alexander Tabeek
Vice President: Jodice Woody
Advisor: Dr. Peter Finley

To gather like-minded individuals to share ideas, learn, teach, make connections/network, inspire, and help each other. As the club continues to grow, we expect the purpose to not only evolve but sprout into different ideas. Within the club, we want to promote an entrepreneurial mind-set to those of similar or other interests. We also want to inspire people to be more than they believe they are capable of.

President: Charles Collier
Advisor: Dr. Thomas Tworoger

The purpose of the Green Sharks - Student Sustainability Club, is to educated students, staff, and faculty of what sustainability means and to advocate for sustainability actions on campus.

President: Megan Knights
Advisor: Dr. Rebecca Abraham

Green Sharks Students Green Sharks Students

The Investment Club is a student organization that focuses on the analysis of the economy and the financial markets by engaging in thoughtful disagreements amongst students, professors and industry professionals. Throughout the meetings, we will go over the market as well as different securities with the purpose of better understanding market trends and their behavior. Furthermore, multiple investment ideas will be proposed, debated and constantly monitored.

President: Gabriel Goldszmidt
Advisor: Dr. Rebecca Abraham

DECA prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs in marketing, finance, hospitality and management in colleges around the globe

President: Sundari Palanivel
Vice President: Jodice Woody
Advisor: Monica Paneque

DECA Students DECA Students

The Economics and Finance Association seeks to enhance knowledge of Economics, Finance, and Personal Finance. Also, familiarize students with various career opportunities in the fields of economics and finance. Lastly, introduces students to leading regional individuals in these fields in both the public and private sectors. The Economics and Finance Association works with academic organizations, business associations, and other groups to sponsor activities and events beneficial to the Huizenga School of Business and its students. The Undergraduate EFA board and members will work hand-in-hand with the Graduate EFA. All NSU students are welcome to attend events and Competitions.

President: Sadia Khan
Vice President: Davit Khachatryan
Advisors: Dr. Joel Auerbach

Undergraduate Finance and Economics Association Students
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