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Take Stock in Children Pathway Scholars Huizenga College of Business

So what will the PATHWAY SCHOLARS actually study?

Each PATHWAY SCHOLAR will graduate with a Bachelor in Business Administration with a Sales concentration from our acclaimed Huizenga Sales Institute. As business graduates of this one of a kind program, each student will acquire an in-depth knowledge of business practices, social & cultural knowledge, and especially the sales knowledge that usually only comes with months of experience and on-the-street training. Each graduate will bring more immediate value to his or her employer than the usual graduate and with a much shorter learning curve about your business and your industry.

Academic studies will include:
Business Core
42 credits
Accounting, Finance, Human Resource, Workplace Diversity, Information Systems, Management, Law, Career Planning, Strategy, Ethics
12 credits
Business Communications, Strategic Communications, Business Communications Research, Business Communications Laboratory
Sales Training
12 credits
Productive Approaches to Relationship Selling, Powerful Selling Techniques for Winning Business, Communicating and Delivering World Class Selling Propositions, Technology Enabled CRM and Sales Planning
Sales Internships
6 credits
One internship in the Junior year and one internship in the Senior year
BBA Program
3 credits
Public Speaking elective
BBA Program
3 credits
General Education electives
General Education
30 credits
Written Composition, Mathematics, Humanities, Social and Behavioral Sciences, Biological and Physical Sciences
Open Electives
18 credits
Specially selected courses designed to help the students' development

For more information contact:
Kathy Eggleston
Pathway Scholars Program Director
(954) 262-5179