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Take Stock in Children Pathway Scholars Huizenga College of Business

Turn a CHALLENGED life pathway into a BRIGHT life pathway!

The PATHWAY SCHOLARS (PATHWAY) program is our uniquely-designed program to help disadvantaged, at-risk high school graduates change their lives, permanently, for the better. This innovative program addresses the whole person today, not just his or her academics, but also the cultural awareness; living situation; and social and business training. We are confident that not only will this program assist the individual students who complete the program, but that it will, in the long term, also help their families, and even their communities, by showing that business corporations and a prominent educational institution do care and can work together to make a difference.

How does a PATHWAY SCHOLAR benefit from the program?
  • Mentoring: students are mentored by professionals in their field throughout the 4 years
  • Role Models: experienced business & academic professionals will serve as successful role models
  • Financial assistance: tuition and living expenses guaranteed for 4 years of higher education
  • Cohort network: not facing the unknown alone, but with lifelong peer-support
  • Life experience: experience a different view of life and the world
  • Business skills: experience the business world first-hand
  • Community involvement: unselfishly helping the community
  • Job opportunities: connections to real job opportunities after graduation
How the PATHWAY SCHOLARS program benefits Your Corporation
  • Personally knowing that your corporation is making a major difference in the life of a disadvantaged young person, their family, and the community
  • Public association with an innovative program that helps disadvantaged youth become successful business professionals
  • Sponsor-preferred access to an educated job applicant who already knows your corporate culture and is professionally-trained in sales
  • Preferential hiring access to all NSU business students
  • Recognition at the H. Wayne Huizenga College of Business and Entrepreneurship
  • Collaborating with the Take Stock in Children™ (TSIC), a mentoring organization
  • Satisfaction of joining AutoNation and other leading companies in making a real difference in someone's life
  • Invitation to the HSBE Hall of Fame Gala (x2) every April
  • Receiving a Commemorative plaque for your reception area
  • Possible special tax benefits depending on your business

For more information contact:
Kathy Eggleston
Pathway Scholars Program Director
(954) 262-5179