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Take Stock in Children Pathway Scholars Huizenga College of Business

So, who are these PATHWAY SCHOLARS?

Our PATHWAY SCHOLARS students will be selected from students in the non-profit Take Stock in Children™ (TSIC) educational support program. Since 1995, more than 16,000 students in the State of Florida have taken part in this program that assists low-income, at-risk middle school students. To remain in the TSIC program, each 6th grade student and their parents or guardians must sign a written contract agreeing to:

  • Exhibit good behavior and attendance at all times
  • Maintain a minimum grade of "C" in every class
  • Meet weekly with mentors
  • Remain crime and drug free
  • Stay in school

Parents or guardians must also promise to meet with mentors, teachers and TSIC staff as well as play an active role in the student's commitment to the education over the life of the contract.

TSIC results to date are outstanding. Participants have a 61% higher high school graduation rate than the equivalent at-risk peer group. In addition, their college enrollment rate is 189% higher than their at-risk peers, while their college graduation rate is 140% higher.

Imagine entering a new world or culture, all alone…

TSIC and the HSBE Board of Governors Selection Committee will select an initial cohort of students:

  • who demonstrate leadership
  • possess emotional strength
  • are committed to education and success
  • show academic promise with a GPA of 3.5 or higher

The PATHWAY SCHOLARS program will address the whole person, not just the academic or the social person. The program will commence during the summer before Fall 2012 classes. Students will:

  • have tutors and mentors to give them a general introduction to college life and life away from their home environment
  • live as a group in an NSU dormitory with access to tutors, mentors, and other support personnel
  • reside in a controlled and supportive living environment
  • have the same corporate sponsor for the entire 4 years of undergraduate study

For more information contact:
Kathy Eggleston
Pathway Scholars Program Director
(954) 262-5179