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Women's Success Series


The Women's Success Series (WSS) provides experiential learning to NSU students through exposure to strong, accomplished women leaders willing to share their perspectives on leadership. An astounding 70 percent of NSU business students are female. We submit that unleashing the full potential of these future leaders could be activated by a program where women learn from women. Both female and male students experience real-world learning about the workplace, our community, and both the challenges of being a woman who leads and the opportunities in working with women who lead.

Women in Entrepreneurship Week

Events Celebrating Women in Entrepreneurship Week

Tuesday, October 16, 2018 12 – 1 PM DeSantis 3000
Women in Entrepreneurship Week special presentation
Economics & Finance Association Student Organization Lunch & Learn Series-
Gender and Overconfidence: Evidence from the Kauffman Firm Survey
Presented by Dr. Florence Neymotin, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Economics
Thursday, October 18, 2018 - Women Entrepreneurs in Residence Day

For the first time, a full day of WOMEN Entrepreneurs meeting and mentoring our students.

9 am – 1 pm Entrepreneur in Residence Sue Romanos, founder of CareerXchange, one of Florida’s largest employment and staffing companies. Sue is particularly effective at coaching students seeking an edge to win sought-after professional internships or positions.

1 pm – 4 pm New Entrepreneur in Residence Kathy Chiu, managing partner of The FAN Fund, a Florida venture capitalist fund. She would like to do her coaching sessions with students interested in entrepreneurship.

Razors Edge Shark Cage Women in Entrepreneurship Conclave meeting
This event is exclusive for Razors Edge Shark Cage students 4 pm – 4:30 pm Kathy Chiu will speak to all RESC students at the beginning of their 4 pm conclave. Kathy will talk to the students about the evaluation process she uses to consider funding a start-up.

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