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Save Up To $8,000 off your Sport Revenue Generation M.B.A.!

Pair your interest in sports with a desire to become a business leader. To dominate in this competitive industry, you need to know how to maximize revenue streams.

Our M.B.A. with a major in Sport Revenue Generation is the only sport management-based program in the country that focuses on revenue generation. The most sought-after individuals in sport organizations are those who help generate revenue for the organization. Therefore, the courses in this concentration are designed to teach students how to secure and activate sponsorship deals, how to maximize ticket, concessions, and merchandise sales, how to organize sport events and fundraisers, and creatively leverage emerging technologies to generate new revenue streams.

  • Designed to meet the sports industry's growing demand for professionals who are dedicated to revenue enhancement.
  • Few if any other programs in the country focus all specialty courses specifically around the knowledge and skills needed to generate revenue. (Most are general courses.)
  • Graduates will be prepared for careers in a wide variety of positions in collegiate and professional sports, with teams, leagues, events, and tours.
  • 100% Online and Live Format Options
    • Fully Online Option (MBA core courses + Major courses all online)
    • Live Option (SPT classes offered every Tuesday night on the Main Campus)

Visitors from workinsports.com or degreesinsports.com who enroll for the Fall semester will receive a discount of up to 20% off of published tuition rates.

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