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Huizenga Business Innovation Academy

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A Business Program with an Advantage.

As a highly motivated, first-time-in-college student, you need a school that will give you a competitive advantage when you graduate. NSU’s Business Innovation Academy provides that benefit through hands-on experiences and a curriculum created by real world professionals.

  • Start Your Career Sooner: Earn both your bachelor’s and master’s degrees in just four years, so you can build your own business or take on a corporate leadership role faster. You’ll start earning sooner and seizing opportunities quicker.
  • Enhance Your Résumé: Get hands-on, practical experience with faculty-mentored internships with an NSU corporate partner, entrepreneur, or business advisory board member. You’ll also participate in a special summer boot camp that lets you create and run your own student business.
  • Build Your Network: Connect with professors and industry professionals to grow your personal network. Business is relationship-driven. The bigger your network, the more opportunities you’ll have to achieve your career goals.  
  • Realize Your Dreams: Upon successfully completing the program, you will have an opportunity to receive an investment from NSU toward a business start-up. That’s an advantage everyone can use.
  • Keep College Costs Down: Business Innovation Academy students will each receive a $20,000 tuition scholarship.

Getting In

Character: Excellent communications skills and history of involvement in school-wide organizations and/or community groups.

Business Experience: Preference given for candidates who have worked for, or started, an entrepreneurial enterprise. Students should have work or internship experience. Membership in high school student business clubs or national organizations a plus.

Application & Interview: Completion of the NSU ApplicationPremier Programs Application and attendance at one of NSU’s Shark Preview Weekends offered each spring.

For more information on applying to NSU's Business Innovation Academy, contact Monica Paneque at

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