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Curricular Requirements

The Huizenga Business Innovation Academy program is a combined Bachelors and Masters (3+1) degree.

Huizenga Business Innovation Academy students must be an undergraduate business major and will pursue an exclusive minor in Venture Creation. Students will also pursue a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) degree.

Students in the Huizenga Business Innovation Academy are required to have a minor in Venture Creation. The Venture Creation minor is a curricular and co-curricular program that is designed to provide learning experiences inside the classroom as well as outside the classroom through involvement in firsthand identifying business opportunities and gaining the necessary knowledge and skills to launch a business. The Venture Creation minor includes the Huizenga Business Innovation studio courses, summer immersive experiences, students participate in during their first and second summers in the program. The Venture Creation minor courses are only available for students admitted into the Huizenga Business Innovation Academy Programs.

18 total credits

ENT 3100 Entrepreneurial Mindset 3 credits
ENT 3130 Huizenga Business Innovation Academy Studio - Part I  (2 weeks) 3 credits
ENT 3140 Entrepreneurial Opportunities & Analysis   3 credits
ENT 3150 Huizenga Business Innovation Academy Studio - Part II (2 weeks) 3 credits
ENT 3160 Running Your Business   3 credits
ENT 3170 Maturing Business    3 credits

Course Descriptions

ENT 3100    Entrepreneurial Mindset

Re-evaluate your own views of entrepreneurship within the framework of entrepreneurial thinking and putting this mindset into action. Develop a mindset that will enable you to build a toolkit to create and evaluate entrepreneurial opportunities, marshal resources, and form teams driven by creativity, leadership, and smart action. In sum, it is a journey through the fuzzy front-end of early-stage entrepreneurial activity.

Huizenga Business Innovation Academy Studios

Huizenga Business Innovation Academy Studio (HBIA studio) is an intensive residential immersion experience component of the Venture Creation minor. This immersion experience will provide students with hands-on training in various aspects of business and entrepreneurship.

ENT 3130 - Spend an intensive two weeks getting better acquainted and working together with the students in the Huizenga Business Innovation Academy: (1) Reframe problems to develop more precise business ideas; (2) Gain strategies to cope with chaotic and ever-changing business conditions; (3) Develop habits to become an innovator; (4) Learn the skills that will help you work in teams and lead groups; and (5) Master the art of ideation and idea selection. This is a hands-on workshop where you will also learn how to tell stories using data. You will develop and present effective Pitch Decks for business ideas. Identified teams will create and present a Pitch Deck of their selected projects.

ENT 3150 - This is a summer intensive workshop where you will learn how to launch a business or an innovation project. Learn to skillfully adjust your innovation strategy as you discover the nature of real-life decisions, including the available options, linkages to other parts of the business, conflicts, tradeoffs, and potential outcomes. Get ready to acquire seed funding to startup the company and apply tools and ways of thinking as the firm expands its operations and must take on new tasks and responsibilities. Establish the firm’s strategic direction and set up shop (design brands, website and the like). Test market brands, prices, ad copy, media campaigns, and sales tactics. Prepare a lean business plan and get ready to launch.

ENT 3140     Entrepreneurial Opportunities & Analysis 

Building on Studio I and using business model canvas. Learn to validate why customers will buy your product/service; how you will meet customer needs; why you think there is a need for your business; why you think it will be profitable; and a thorough review of your business model. Content areas for the course include Competitive Analysis, Industry Analysis, Market Research, Customer Needs Identification, Prototyping, Financial Analysis, Promotional Planning, and Networking.

ENT 3160     Running Your Business

Learn to run a successful and impactful business. Content areas include: Entrepreneurial Strategy, Innovation Management, Sales and Marketing, Human Resource Management (employee issues), Motivation, Leadership, Financing.

ENT 3170     Maturing Business

Develop an exit strategy for businesses and corporate projects. Content areas for the course include scaling and taking businesses to next level, structuring deals, close-down of business, generational transfers, IPOs, mergers, acquisition and other issues related to leadership and business transitions.

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