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Huizenga College of Business Students

HCBE Department of Instructional Design

All hardware and software issues are handled by OIIT. Send in a ServiceNow ticket to report them.

The HCBE instructional designers support instructors in their development of quality online classrooms within our Canvas LMS system. With a strong background in educational theory and instructional technology, instructional designers work with instructors to maximize classroom management, student engagement, and academic achievement. The instructional design team is available to all HCBE instructors, regardless of the format of their courses (online, hybrid, or ground).

Anytime Appointments:

30-60 Minutes, Requested by emailing either instructional designer

A variety of tasks can be requested, included but not limited to:

  • Course evaluation – Walkthrough of a course to determine what might be good enhancements for the future.
  • Problem solving – Discuss a current problem the instructor has been having and brainstorm ways to alleviate it through course design.
  • How-to discussion – Instructor wants help understanding how to do something in Zoom, Canvas, PowerPoint, Sharkmedia, etc.
  • Demo planning – Instructor has developed a solution to a common teaching problem and would like to develop it into a demo or tutorial to share with other instructors.

Extended Projects:

1-6 weeks, Requested by submitting an ID support proposal.

  • All ID support proposals are due one week before the 8-week term start date.
  • We will review the support proposals and consider the feasibility of the project based on the instructor’s time commitment, the project’s impact on the course, and the benefit for the department or school as a whole.
  • On the term start date we will notify instructors whether we will be able to work with them that term, or the adjustments necessary for their proposal to be considered for later terms.
  • One week before the term end date, the instructional designer must withdraw assistance to begin considering proposals for the next term.

Contact Information:

  Carolyn Fitzpatrick

  Office Phone: 954-262-5032


The HCBE instructional designers help revise courses to meet the following goals:

  1. Have macro-level alignment to AACSB standards and department learning goals as well as program goals.
  2. Meet QM requirements for alignment (each module objective has clearly identified practice activities and separate assessment activities).
  3. Contain engaging instructional content, to supplement the textbook and other publisher materials.
  4. Contain updated content, along with a balance of activity types.
  5. Fully utilize Canvas features to promote academic integrity and organize course content in a consistent way.
  6. Meet Accessibility and Copyright requirements.

(Updated May 21, 2019)

HCBE uses the rubric developed by Quality Matters to assess online courses. Watch the video below to learn more about Quality Matters, or visit

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