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Huizenga College of Business Students

Instructions for Web Registration

Need Help Registering?

Contact Graduate Advising
(954) 262-5067
800-672-7223 ext. 25067


1) Generate your Degree Work Evaluation and review your curricular and program requirements through SharkLink

    1. Instructions for generating your Degree Works Evaluation can be found at

2) Visit the Course Wizard to retrieve course section information (Be sure to note the CRN for the section(s) you would like to register for, since this is needed in order to complete registration)

3) Log into Shark Link at (your username is your nova email prefix (initials and numbers only) everything before "". You may go to if you need to retrieve or reset your password

4) Once you log into sharklink, see the left hand navigation panel and click on "My Academics"

Step 4

5) Under the section that reads " I would like to" click on Registration- Add/Drop/SEA

Step 5

6) Select the semester you would like to register for

Step 6

7) Review and complete your Student Enrollment Agreement

Step 7

8) Add course reference numbers to the registration worksheet in the boxes below.

Step 8

9) Then click submit changes to complete your registration

To ensure you have registered for the correct course and section, please review your schedule by completing the following steps

  • At the top of the page select " my sites" then select "My NSU"

    Step 9-1
  • At the bottom of the page you will find "My schedule"
  • Select the semester to view your schedule

    Step 9-3
  • Once selected, a drop down will appear with the course(s) for which you have enrolled

    Step 9-4
  • Click the down arrow on each course to see course details

    Step 9-5
  • You may also click on the icon next to "useful tools" for book information pertaining to the course

    Step 9-6

10) Are you employed by a corporate partner? Don’t forget to complete your verification prior to the start of the semester.


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