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Tais Barreto, Ph.D.

Tais Barreto
Assistant Professor of Management


  • PHD - Florida Atlantic University - Business Administration
  • BS - Kennesaw State University - Mathematics
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LED 3000 Introduction to Leadership
MGT 4170 Organizational Behavior
MGT 5105 Managing Organizational Behavior in a Dynamic and Complex World
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Blurred lines: Cultural differences in boundary management between work and non-work, 2018 Academy of Management Annual Meeting, 2018, Chicago, IL

Factors of Entrepreneurial Culture: The Effects of Temporal Orientation on Innovation, Academy of Management Annual Meeting, 2017, Atlanta, USA

Different Strokes for Different Folks: How Generational Differences Influence Social Performance, Academy of Management Annual Meeting, 2017, Atlanta, USA

The Cost of Knowledge: Research Intensity and Environmental Effects on Cross- Border Acquisition Premiums, Academy of International Business Annual Meeting, 2016, New Orleans, USA

Revised Sources of Guidance Measures: Six Events and Demographic Controls, International Association for Cross Cultural Psychology International Congress, 2014, Reims, France

Societal Temporal Orientation and Innovation: Evidence from Hofstede and GLOBE, Academy of International Business Annual Meeting 2014, Vancouver, Canada

Exploratory Factor Analysis Use in International Business Research: Miscalculation of Factor Scores, Academy of International Business Annual Meeting 2013, Istanbul, Turkey

Jason Lortie, Tais Barreto, & Kevin Cox (2019). The implications of national and regional long-term orientation on entrepreneurial activity. International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behavior & Research 25(6), pp. 1236-1258.

Mark Peterson & Tais Barreto (2018). Interpreting societal culture value dimensions. Journal of International Business Studies 49(9), pp. 1190-1207.

Kevin Cox, Steve Stewart, Jason Lortie, & Tais Barreto (2019). Different strokes for different folks: Generational differences, social salience, and social performance.. The International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Innovation 20(3), pp. 170-181.

Mark Peterson & Tais Barreto (2015). Descriptive norms, norm innovations and levels of analysis. Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology 46(10), pp. 1332-1335.

Mark Peterson & Tais Barreto (2014). The like it or not proposition: Implications of societal characteristics for the cultural expertise and personal values of organization members. Journal of Organizational Behavior 35(8), pp. 1134-1152.

Ravi Chinta, Claudette Chin-Loy, & Tais Barreto (2018). Gender Parity in “critical thinking proficiency” among Undergraduate Business Majors: An Empirical Validation of across Academic Achievement Levels. Journal of Academy of Business and Economics 18(1), pp. 5-12.

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