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Kimberly Deranek, Ph.D.

Kimberly Deranek
Associate Professor of Operations and Systems Management


  • PHD - Purdue University Main Campus - Technology
  • MS - Purdue University Main Campus - Education
  • BS - Lawrence Technological University - Business Administration

Kim Deranek is an Associate Professor in the Decision Sciences Department. She is certified in the area of project management (PMP) and is a results oriented educator with over 20 years’ experience. Expertise includes investigating and implementing innovative business solutions to improve quality, optimize performance and increase efficiency within both manufacturing and service supply chains. She has expertise in the areas of project and operations management, facility redesign, process improvement, and software evaluation and selection techniques.

Prior to teaching, she was the director of financial systems for Budget Group Inc. and has also served as a consultant in both service and manufacturing industries. Kim has obtained extensive leadership through her previous professional experiences. She received a PhD in Technology and a MS in Education from Purdue University and received a BS in Business Administration from Lawrence Technological University.

Research interests include the investigation of innovative techniques to improve quality, optimize performance and increase efficiency within both manufacturing and service supply chains. She has designed and taught both undergraduate and graduate courses within her discipline to include Project Management, Service Operations Management, IS Strategy and Data Management, Intro to Supply Chain Management, Customer and Supplier Relationship Management, Industrial Organization, and Lean Manufacturing.

ISM 3660 Management Information Systems
PIM 5455 Project Management
QNT 5580 Decision Sciences Internship
SCM 5421 Supply Chain Information Systems

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