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Michael B. Horwitz, Ed.D.

Michael Horwitz
Adjunct Professor of Management


  • EDD - Nova Southeastern University - Education
  • MS - Nova Southeastern University - Leadership
  • BS - University of Florida - Business Administration

Michael Horwitz is an academician, theoretician, and practitioner of topics central to Authentic Leadership and their influence on personal, professional, and organizational outcomes. A passionate educator, trainer, facilitator, and coach; Horwitz strives to be a creator of memorable moments and making a difference in the lives of others.

His first-grade teacher discovered his calling when she gave him the role as the storyteller in the class’ first grade play, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Since that time, he has delivered compelling presentations in his own unique style of teaching through stories, many of them personal, with a blend of self-deprecating humor, social and emotional learning, and researched, fact-based theories, principles, formulas, and information designed to help the learner come away with their own personal connection with the material and move into action.

Dr. Horwitz has over 45 years of experience in individual and small business environments as a former Certified Public Accountant and in a managerial capacity in design, development, construction, multi-unit management, restaurants, hotels, service-related industries, financial institutions, and nonprofit organizations. He has provided support and consulting services to individuals and organizations to design and implement unique programs and processes in leadership development and business strategies that are in alignment with the organization’s vision, mission, and values, which resulted in the creation of strategic action and execution plans to create value over time.

He is a licensed real estate broker and registered real estate instructor. In his capacity as a broker and developer he spearheaded the land acquisition, design, and development of four hotels in the Southeast U.S. and has consulted on and/or brokered the design, development, and acquisition of numerous other hotels, gas stations, office buildings, and vacant commercial land.

He has extensive experience interacting with community and business leaders around the country in professional and non-profit roles and has collaborated with subject matter experts across a variety of disciplines and is personally familiar with, and experienced in, creating curriculum for a variety of educational and development programs in leadership, strategy, and coaching, team building, and change initiatives.

Michael is the lead researcher of a team that is conducting the largest research project of its kind on the topic of authentic leadership and organizational outcomes. This multi-level study includes over 170,000 in the study population with four levels of leadership structure in furtherance of and expanding the topic of his doctoral dissertation – The Relationship of Authentic Leadership and Growth, Retention, and Productivity.

The current study adds profitability to the outcomes being assessed. Future studies will include replicating this study in multiple countries outside the U.S and in other arenas including sports, law, and finance.

MGT 4170 Organizational Behavior
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