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Linda Kidwell, Ph.D.

Linda Kidwell
Associate Professor of Accounting


  • PHD - Louisiana State University and Agricultural and Mechanical College - Accounting/Economics
  • BA - Smith College - Geology

Dr. Linda Kidwell is an Associate Professor of Accounting, teacher and researcher, who aims to prepare students to be ethical professional accountants and to better understand ethical business behavior and its correlates.

Much of her research is directed at accounting ethics and accounting ethics education, as well as governmental accounting.

She studied efforts to combat corruption in public procurement during her Fulbright year in Romania, and researched factors associated with followers of unethical leaders. She also worked on developing a stakeholder model of public sector financial reporting standards.

ACT 3060 Intermediate Accounting II
ACT 4210 Auditing I
ACT 5007 Intermediate Accounting 2
ACT 5010 Auditing
ACT 5140 Accounting For Decision Makers

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Standardized Clients: A Family Business Application, United States Association for Small Business Education Annual Meeting 2012, Porto, Portugal

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