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Huizenga College of Business Students

Contemporary Negotiating: Principles, Strategies, and Tactics

1 Full Day  |  .6 CEUs

As much art as it is science, negotiation is also a learned skill. This one-day program will show you the strategy and principles of negotiations as well as describing tactics and counter tactics that can be utilized during the negotiations process. You will also learn how to develop a winning negotiation strategy producing better results in your future negotiations.

The strategies, tactics and principles of negotiation remain the same in both our business and personal life and all of us engage in the negotiations process on a regular basis. In business we may seek to negotiate a better price from a supplier, hire a consultant or sell goods and services for a greater profit. In our personal life we negotiate where we will go for dinner, what movie we will see and where we will spend the next holiday.

Knowledge and use of effective principles in negotiations is one of the keys to business and personal success. These negotiation fundamentals can be learned, and with practice will enhance business results and enrich our personal life.

Program Description

Topics covered in the program, include:

~ Questioning Techniques - how to effectively use questioning to gain insight
~ The art of mutual agreement - creatively discovering opportunities for mutual gain
~ The principles of negotiation - how negotiations are structured
~ Power in the negotiation - yours and the other participants
~ The power of information - how to use your knowledge effectively
~ Timing in negotiations - using time to your advantage
~ Strategies for the negotiation - starting the negotiation, handling yourself, moving ahead, making concessions, and your opponent
~ Tactics for the negotiation - and handling the tactics of the other parties

Learning Outcomes

You will learn negotiation tactics that you can employ. You will also learn how to identify and defend against these tactics when they are used by the other party. While win-win is usually the objective of a negotiation, it is always nice to be the party who wins a little more.


Salespeople, lawyers, accountants, managers and leaders in need of strong persuasion skills; business people seeking a greater market share and increased profit; purchasing agents desiring to learn how to control sales calls and individuals looking for the key to successfully and creatively resolve or avoid disputes in all aspects of business


Any of the executive education programs offered by the Hudson Center of Entrepreneurship and Executive Education (HCEEE) can be delivered to your organization at your location Please contact us for more information.

Program Fee

Program fee varies based on the size of your group and includes tuition, instructional materials and lunch. Please contact us for more information.


John F. Riggs, D.B.A.

Dr. Riggs is an Assistant Professor of Marketing at Nova Southeastern University. He has more than 25 years of professional and managerial sales expertise. His experience ranges from sales representative to area and regional sales director all the way to VP of sales. Dr. Riggs has worked in pharmaceuticals at such companies as MedPointe, Aventis, and The Medicines Company, as well as in corporate and international sales management. Today, he has entered the academic arena, where he teaches the sales managers of tomorrow. In addition to his professional accolades, Dr. Riggs is a renowned speaker who will teach you skills that will help you become a more successful and effective sales executive. Bottom line–you will learn how to immediately increase sales productivity and improve your company's revenue.

Comments From Past Participants

"Very interesting, applicable to the professional and personal life."
Maricela Jimenez, Enrollment Processing Specialist | Nova Southeastern University

"The theories discussed are relevant to and helpful in so many daily situations."
Frederick Hickey, President | Trumeter Company

"Dr. Riggs is great! I always leave with valuable information that I can use right away."
Jason Alabaster, Director of Sales & Marketing | Suncoast Marketing

"Enough information to give you a head start, lead and close any negotiation."
Massimo Fernandez Perales, Project Manager | FP Energy, LLC

Course Customization

Using core programs, we can customize the material to fit your corporate training needs. With our extensive resources and program facilitators, we will design a program that is tailored to fit your specified objectives and requirements.

Contact Information

For additional program information, please contact us at:

Hudson Center of Entrepreneurship and Executive Education
H. Wayne Huizenga College of Business and Entrepreneurship
Nova Southeastern University
3301 College Avenue, Carl DeSantis Building, Suite 2088
Fort Lauderdale-Davie, FL 33314
Tel: 954.262.5161
Toll Free: 800.672.7223, ext. 25161
Fax: 954.262.3188

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