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Peter Finley, Ph.D.
Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Affairs and Associate Professor of Sport Management Professor Peter Finley

”Sometimes students are surprised to hear about the challenges they will face. I try to illuminate these issues and help students see how they can bridge the gap as the sports managers of the future. To me, good teaching is stating objectives, teaching to them, and then assessing accordingly. When I do that effectively, students tend to do well.”

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Ratio Credits Under Decoupled Estate Tax Schemes

Maureen Dougherty, J.D., LL.M.

Master of Taxation

The Master of Taxation program is designed to help you develop an understanding of the essential elements of the Internal Revenue Service code and regulations. The program provides both a practical and conceptual understanding, as well as the necessary skills and judgment required to apply the IRS code in actual situations. The taxation courses incorporate an in-depth examination of various aspects of the tax code and regulations and are offered both online and on our main campus. A master of taxation will provide you with the foundation necessary to become a successful tax preparer and adviser in public and private accounting.

  • Courses offered alternating weekends on the main campus or online.
  • Program can be completed in as little as 21 months.
  • Program begins three times annually with starts in August, January, and May.
  • Features professional competency in Value Driven Management.
  • 36 credit hours.

For more information about the program, please contact:

The Office of Graduate Admissions
1-800-672-7223 ext. 25067

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Total credits: 36

Offered on alternating weekends and online

Required of all Students
ACTP 5711 Internet Technology  

Disciplinary Courses (required)
TXX 5761 Taxation of Individuals  
TXX 5763 Tax of Estates, Trusts & Gifts  
TXX 5767 IRS Practice and Procedure  
TXX 5769 Tax Planning & Research  
TXX 5771 Federal Taxation of Partnerships  
TXX 5772 Special Topics in Taxation  
TXX 5775 Corporate Taxation  

Elective Courses - select 5 (15 total credits)
TXX 5765Tax Policy
TXX 5766US Taxation of International Transactions
TXX 5768Real Estate Taxation
TXX 5770Taxation of Exempt Organizations
TXX 5773State and Local Taxation
TXX 5774Fiduciary Income Taxation
TXX 5776Comparative International Taxation

Current students: Please consult your Academic Advisor for program requirements or access SharkLink for your CAPP report. Program requirements are subject to change, and your Academic Advisor or CAPP report can provide you with the courses required for your catalog term.

Full-Time professionals are available to discuss the Master of Taxation curriculum with you in greater detail. Simply call 800.672.7223 Ext. 25168 or contact our Enrollment Services Staff.

ACTP 5711     Internet Technology  (0 cr.)

A one-week, non-credit course in utilizing the Internet for classroom purposes, research, (including the use of the library), and other skills needed to successfully complete the graduate accounting and taxation program. Required for any student taking a course in the MACC or MTAX programs.

TXX 5761     Taxation of Individuals  (3 cr.)

An in-depth analysis of the federal income tax structure, use of tax services, and the concept of taxable income for individuals. Prerequisite: ACTP 5001 or equivalent and ACTP 5711.

TXX 5763     Tax of Estates, Trusts & Gifts  (3 cr.)

Advanced study of, and research in, tax law with emphasis on estate, trust, and gift taxes. Prerequisite: TXX 5762 or TXX 5775 and ACTP 5711.

TXX 5765     Tax Policy  (3 cr.)

A study of tax issues, particularly those pertinent to individual and corporate taxes. This course focuses on the purposes of taxation and development of tax systems. Prerequisite: TXX 5762 or TXX 5775 and ACTP 5711.

TXX 5766     US Taxation of International Transactions  (3 cr.)

International Taxation: This course surveys the U.S. income tax on foreign-earned income. The taxation methods of other countries are also examined. Prerequisite: TXX 5762 or TXX 5775 and ACTP 5711.

TXX 5767     IRS Practice and Procedure  (3 cr.)

This course introduces the student to the structure, organization, practices and procedures of the Internal Revenue Service. The course is intended to give students an understanding of the organizational makeup of the Internal Revenue Service and the authority of its various employees. The different approaches to resolving tax controversies will be explored through the study of assigned readings and in-depth class discussions. The course will be conducted in a seminar-like fashion with each student expected to make significant contributions to class discussions. Attentiveness to news items affecting the area of federal tax procedures is expected, as well as conveyance to class of these newsworthy developments. Prerequisite: TXX 5762 or TXX 5775 and ACTP 5711.

TXX 5768     Real Estate Taxation  (3 cr.)

Examines the tax consequences of owning real estate including the ownership and operation of real property; sales, conversions, foreclosures, leases and abandonments; tax aspects of financing; real estate investment trusts; and real estate holding companies. Prerequisite: TXX 5762 or TXX 5775 and ACTP 5711.

TXX 5769     Tax Planning & Research  (3 cr.)

This course is an in-depth study of the tax-planning process and research tools that are available to both the professional business manager and tax practitioner. Prerequisite: TXX 5761 or equivalent and ACTP 5711.

TXX 5770     Taxation of Exempt Organizations  (3 cr.)

Examines and applies section 501c of the Code. Covers tax planning for charitable contributions, trusts, gifts, and bargain sales. Compares taxation of exempt organizations with for-profit entities. Prerequisite: TXX 5762 or TXX 5775 and ACTP 5711.

TXX 5771     Federal Taxation of Partnerships  (3 cr.)

This course is an in-depth study of federal taxation of partnerships and partners. The course explores the formation, operation, and the liquidation of the partnership entity, including the acquisition of interests in partnership capital and profits, compensation of a service partner, tax consequences of cash and property distributions, rules for computation of inside and outside bases, allocations of items of income, gain, loss, deduction and credit and sales of partners? interests. Prerequisite: TXX 5775 and ACTP 5711.

TXX 5772     Special Topics in Taxation  (3 cr.)

This course builds upon topics taught throughout the required Master of Tax curriculum and delves into advanced problems in these areas, as well as key topics from elective courses, as deemed appropriate. This course provides students with the opportunity to integrate and apply their tax knowledge through problem solving based on hypothetical taxpayers. The tax problems will be determined by current developments and issues in taxation and will form the basis for the students' required project for this course. Prerequisite: TXX 5767, TXX 5771 and ACTP 5711.

TXX 5773     State and Local Taxation  (3 cr.)

This course introduces the student to the fundamentals of state and local taxation. The course is not intended to make the student technically proficient in all areas of state and local taxation, but rather, it surveys the taxes that states generally impose on its citizens, corporations, and other entities. The impact on society of current and proposed state and local taxes will be explored through the study of assigned readings and in-depth class discussions. Prerequisite: TXX 5762 or TXX 5775 and ACTP 5711.

TXX 5774     Fiduciary Income Taxation  (3 cr.)

Fiduciary Income Taxation covers the income taxation of trusts, estates, and their beneficiaries; the quasi-conduit approach of Subchapter J; distributable net income and the distribution deduction; in kind distributions; post-mortem planning; funding of marital deduction trusts; basis to beneficiaries; income in respect of a decedent; grantor trusts; trusts for minors; charitable trusts; and the effects of the uniform income and principal act. This is an in-depth treatment of the subject matter introduced in TXX 5762. Prerequisite: TXX 5762 or TXX 5775 and ACTP 5711.

TXX 5775     Corporate Taxation  (3 cr.)

This course will examine the life cycle of a corporation from a tax perspective. The course includes analysis of formation, operation, non-liquidating distributions and final dissolution. The course will accomplish this through the use of the Internal Revenue Code, Regulations and Court Cases. Prerequisite: ACTP 5006 or equivalent and ACTP 5711.

TXX 5776     Comparative International Taxation  (3 cr.)

The objective of the course is to broaden knowledge in the field of international taxation by introducing the student to the study of comparative foreign tax systems. The coverage is wide-ranging, touching on several countries and substantive categories of taxes as well as procedural aspects. While the income tax will be stressed, value added tax (VAT) will also be discussed. The differences in legal frameworks of various countries, such as constitutional, legislative, and statutory structures in relation to tax law will be studied. An understanding will be obtained of the definitions of income and of the varying and alternative approaches to taking corporations and its owners. Areas of concern such as anti-avoidance rules and taxation of e-commerce will be reviewed. After completing this course, the student will have a basic understanding of how other countries tax their citizens, residents, nonresident aliens, and corporations; and how those approaches compare to those of the United States. Prerequisite: TXX 5762 or TXX 5775 and ACTP 5711.

Foundation Course Descriptions

ACTP 5001     Introductory Accounting  (3 cr.)

An accelerated introductory course stressing the essential elements of accounting skills that will be used in the master's degree program. Managerial uses of accounting data and preparation of financial statements will be covered in this course. Course satisfies program prerequisite of financial accounting for master's degree programs. This course is not financial aid eligible if taken by itself. Students must be taking an aid eligible course from their degree program with this course in order to receive financial aid.

ACTP 5006     Intermediate Accounting I  (3 cr.)

This course is a continuation and expansion of Introductory Accounting. The concepts underlying financial accounting are examined, including those relevant to standard setting, the basic financial statements, and assets. Prerequisites: ACTP 5001 or equivalent and ACTP 5711. This course is not financial aid eligible if taken by itself. Students must be taking an aid eligible course from their degree program with this course in order to receive financial aid.