Gain the Skills and Practical Knowledge to Run a Business

Running a business takes more than just passion. Among other things it takes skill, hard work, determination, a willingness to adapt and innovation. To become a successful entrepreneur, you need a broader perspective. Gain a competitive advantage at one of the few schools in the country with “entrepreneurship” in its name.

Nova Southeastern University’s Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in Entrepreneurship will give you the skills and practical knowledge you need to successfully run a business. Our curriculum covers key business disciplines, from administration and operations to accounting and marketing, with a focus on developing your entrepreneurial skills and management skill sets. Upon successful completion of the program, you’ll be prepared to start, acquire or grow a business in a competitive and changing environment.

Why Should You Major in Entrepreneurship at NSU?

Become a Successful Entrepreneur

While it’s no secret that some people succeed in business without a degree, a bachelor’s in entrepreneurship from NSU helps you develop an entrepreneurial mindset and provides you with the skills needed to identify opportunities, communicate with investors, create effective marketing strategies and manage various aspects of your business—from daily operations to global trading and negotiations. Some of NSU’s entrepreneurship graduates go on to start their own businesses, acquire a business or join a family business, while others pursue the M.B.A. with a major in Entrepreneurship in order to gain a master’s level knowledge of how to successfully manage a business.

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Average Starting Salary

The average salary for someone with a bachelor’s in entrepreneurship depends on the success of their business. Fortunately, today’s generation is proving to be full of young, creative entrepreneurs who know how to leverage social media platforms and other marketing tactics to grow their unique businesses. The sky is the limit with the proper skill sets to run your own business.

Shark Destinations

You’ll find NSU Entrepreneurship alumni at companies like Adivo Construction, Castle Group, and Amazon. Some students go on to operate their own businesses while others pursue graduate degrees at NSU to gain an even greater competitive advantage. There are 12 majors offered under the NSU M.B.A., so you can pursue the graduate degree that best aligns with your goals.

*Data provided by NSU’s Office of Career Development