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Tuition & Fees

At the Huizenga College of Business, we know that tuition is a major factor when deciding on the right university. For that reason, we want to provide you with a clear understanding of the anticipated costs for earning your master's business degree at NSU. Keep in mind that since tuition is credit-based, each program has a varying total tuition cost for completing your degree. As a general estimate, you should anticipate a total tuition cost of $32,760 plus additional fees and textbooks. 

* Tuition fees and additional fees are subject to change at any point in time.

Tuition charges vary as a function of the program and delivery system best-suited to your needs:

M.B.A. programs (per credit): 2017-18
Online Program $895
Evening Program $840
M.B.A. Fulltime Program $840
M.B.A. Alternating Saturday Program
(Two concentrations only)
Master of Accounting (per credit): 2017-18
Weekend Program $840
Online Program $895
Master of Public Administration (per credit): 2017-18
Weekend Program $840
Online Program $895
Master of Taxation (per credit): 2017-18
Weekend Program $840
Online Program $895
Master of Science in Real Estate Development (per credit): 2017-18
All Programs $895
Additional Course Tuition: 2017-18
MGT 5000 - Graduate Orientation for Success $400
MGT 5110, MGT 5111, and MGT 5112 (per course) $100
ACTP 5711 (per course) $100
ACTP 5712 (per course) $200
MGT 5107 and MGT 5118 (per course) $0
PUBP 5002 and PUBP 5003 (per course) $300
Prerequisite Courses 2017-18
Evening courses $1480
Online courses $1480
Additional Fees: 2017-18
Registration $30
Late Registration $200
Student Services ($225 for 3 credits or less and $450 for 4 credits or more per term - maximum $1350.00 per year) $225 / $450
Course Materials: HRM 5395, Comprehensive Professional HR Review TBA
Late Tuition and Fee Payment $100
Degree Application $100
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