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”With each teaching assignment, I continuously strive to better myself; to be more approachable to my students; to be more patient with them; to understand them better; to communicate better; and, finally, to transform my perseverance, commitment, and enthusiasm for teaching into a more fun-loving and educative experience.”

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M.S. in Human Resource Management

The leadership skills that have brought you where you are today may not be the ones necessary to take you and your organization forward. Leaders in the field of HR must understand how to manage, motivate, and compensate people. The Huizenga College of Business' M.S. in Human Resource Management program presents new perspectives on individual and group behavior, and provide insight into approaches for better management and motivation of employees. The program's curriculum will teach you contemporary management issues from implementing new procedures, solving conflicts, complying with affirmative action requirements, to training personnel, and achieving organizational goals and objectives.

  • Courses offered alternating weekends on the main campus, weeknights and online.
  • Program can be completed in as little as 21 months.
  • Program begins five times annually with starts in August, October, January, March, and May.
  • A Human Resource Management Certificate is also available.
  • Features professional competency in Value Driven Management.

For more information about the program, please contact:

The Office of Graduate Admissions
1-800-672-7223 ext. 25067

Offered on alternating weekends on the main campus, weeknights and online.

Each of the following is required (39 total credits):

MGT 5000 Orientation for Success  
MGT 5105 OB in a Dynamic/ Complex World  
HRM 5310 Managing Human Resources  
HRM 5320 Career Development  
HRM 5330 HRM Technology and Tools  
HRM 5340 Measuring Human Resources  
HRM 5355 Strategic Human Resource Management  
HRM 5360 Human Resource Development  
HRM 5365 Talent Management  
HRM 5375 Managing Total Rewards  
HRM 5380 Employee Relations  
HRM 5385 Organization Consultation  
HRM 5390 Adv Org Development  
HRM 5395 Comprehensive Pro HR Review  

* Students who have a current HR certification may replace HRM 5395 with either of the following two options:

LED 5680 Leading Change for Innovation and Alignment  
MGT 5380 Building and Leading Teams  

Current students: Please consult your Academic Advisor for program requirements or access SharkLink for your CAPP report. Program requirements are subject to change, and your Academic Advisor or CAPP report can provide you with the courses required for your catalog term.

Full-Time professionals are available to discuss the M.S. in Human Resource Management curriculum with you in greater detail. Simply call 800.672.7223 Ext. 25168 or contact our Enrollment Services Staff.

MGT 5000     Orientation for Success  (0 cr.)

The H. Wayne Huizenga College of Business and Entrepreneurship`s Real World Orientation focuses on preparing new graduate students for academic and career success. Topics include working effectively in teams, academic writing and research skills, networking, business ethics, social responsibility, sustainability and leadership qualities for effective performance in the work place. Through formal and informal interactions with faculty and business leaders students will examine, explore, and practice skills necessary to perform successfully in their academic and professional life. This course is mandatory for all MBA, HRM and LED students or concurrently with MGT 5105.

MGT 5105     OB in a Dynamic/ Complex World  (3 cr.)

Students will gain a thorough understanding of individual, group and organizational behavior. Students will utilize this knowledge to build practical skills in leading individuals and teams to high performance. Through a variety of teaching methods, students will learn to diagnose their business environment, identify and analyze problems, and develop sound, creative and socially-responsible solutions to help their organizations thrive in a complex and uncertain world.

HRM 5310     Managing Human Resources  (3 cr.)

Students will gain a working knowledge of planning, organizing, and managing human resource systems; and will gain hands-on abilities to design, direct, and assess human resource systems in enhancing relationships with internal and external customers, leading to organizational effectiveness.

HRM 5320     Career Development  (3 cr.)

Work and professional careers are an important component and often the central focus of individual lives. Despite this, critical career choices are all too often made without the careful planning, information gathering, and analysis that are taken for granted in other business decisions. The purpose of this course is to lay the basis for effective personal career management. The course is aimed specifically at students who want to improve their abilities and skills and real-world opportunities. Prerequisite: HRM 5310 or HRM 5030.

HRM 5330     HRM Technology and Tools  (3 cr.)

Human resources are viewed as the competitive advantage in many organizations. Effective management of human resources in the information era demands HR professionals to collect, and analyze timely and accurate employee information. This requires competencies in human resource information systems (HRIS) and tools aimed to collect and analyze information in organizations. This course consists of two parts, with one part covering general knowledge of HRIS and the other focusing on one of the most popular and effective data collection tools used in human resource management, i.e., employee surveys in organizations. Prerequisite: HRM 5310 or HRM 5030.

HRM 5340     Measuring Human Resources  (3 cr.)

This course affects every aspect of the organization. This course addresses how to build measurement strategies for all HR activity so that the impact can be determined. A value-adding approach will be taken so that HR practitioners will be able to exhibit an understanding of the business. This will include aspects that influence organizational quality, productivity, services, and profitability. HR will be assessed as a system within a system. Students will learn how to position HR as a strategic partner. Prerequisites: HRM 5330 or ISM 5085 or ISM 5014 and HRM 5310 or HRM 5030.

HRM 5355     Strategic Human Resource Management  (3 cr.)

This course views managing human resources as a strategic organization asset that supports competitive advantage and major strategic objectives. It positions HRM as an integral partner in a firm's strategic planning and implementation, in terms of external environmental and internal exigencies. It focuses on HR planning and strategies and their applications in HR programs and processes. Students also learn how to develop alignment among vision, strategy and values in the development of a paradigm based upon competencies required for enhancing the business results of a company or government agency. Prerequisite: HRM 5310 or HRM 5030.

HRM 5360     Human Resource Development  (3 cr.)

This course addresses the entire range of topics that have traditionally been included in an organization's HRD function such as designing systems of instruction as well as content that reflects the future of HRD such as job aids and electronic performance support systems. The course will focus on various aspects of a corporate training and development function, training program design and development, various methods and media for training delivery, 17 different training applications, and various resources available for HRD efforts. Students will analyze an aspect of their organization's HRD efforts. Prerequisite: HRM 5310 or HRM 5030.

HRM 5365     Talent Management  (3 cr.)

This course focuses on the strategies and tools that human resource professionals use to create organizational excellence by identifying high quality talent; creation of technological strategies to recruit high quality talent; development of systems that will provide highest levels of both personal and professional development and growth within the organization; creation of promotional and cross-functional systems that will talent strength the organization; development of retention strategies that tie rewards to performance of talent; creation of workforce planning systems that will provide succession planning of best talent within the organization; and utilization of technological systems to support these functions within human resources. Prerequisite: HRM 5310 or HRM 5030.

HRM 5375     Managing Total Rewards  (3 cr.)

This course examines the strategies and options available to maintain employee health, as well as compensation administration. Job evaluation, incentive systems, and work sampling will be considered. A strong course focus will be on pay for performance. Innovative approaches that have been used by a variety of organizations will be studied. Prerequisite: HRM 5310 or HRM 5030.

HRM 5380     Employee Relations  (3 cr.)

An in-depth examination of labor relations, covering collective bargaining, contract negotiation, contract administration, mediation, arbitration, and other types of dispute resolution case problems based on actual situations that are utilized to acquaint students with union-management relations. Prerequisite: HRM 5375.

HRM 5385     Organization Consultation  (3 cr.)

This course addresses the use of internal/external consultation processes in organizations. The framework of consultation as helping organizations reach a level of optimum performance will be utilized. Organizations will be treated as learning systems. Individual consulting styles will be analyzed. Prerequisite: HRM 5310 or HRM 5030.

HRM 5390     Adv Org Development  (3 cr.)

This course addresses the need for planned change focused on an organization's ability to compete over the long term. It addresses individual, team, and organization-wide interventions that can raise productivity/quality, improve competitiveness, increase skills, improve morale, and renew commitment to employee involvement. It will incorporate both the scientific and systems perspective in the use of behavioral science knowledge. In addition, students will compare and appreciate inquiry with the standard problem-solving approach as they learn about a variety of models, methods, and tools. Prerequisite: HRM 5310 or HRM 5030.

HRM 5395     Comprehensive Pro HR Review  (3 cr.)

As the last course in the HRM curriculum, this course provides a unique learning experience, reviewing and integrating all the student has learned. All aspects of HRM are addressed. This course also prepares students to sit for certification exams. Considerable time is spent simulating the exam experience. Prerequisites: HRM 5380, HRM 5365 and HRM 5375.

LED 5680     Leading Change for Innovation and Alignment  (3 cr.)

Individuals in organizations are continuously required to change their actions in response to changes in leadership, structures, regulatory requirements, markets, and products/services. These efforts can be more successful when individuals choose to take a leadership role in the change process. The course will allow students to become familiar with theories and models which focus on effective change, innovation and organizational alignment. Students will have the opportunity to examine and apply practical tools for individual and organizational change through case studies and class projects. Prerequisites: MGT 5105 or MGT 5020 and LED 5630 or MGT 56530.

HRM 5380     Employee Relations  (3 cr.)

An in-depth examination of labor relations, covering collective bargaining, contract negotiation, contract administration, mediation, arbitration, and other types of dispute resolution case problems based on actual situations that are utilized to acquaint students with union-management relations. Prerequisite: HRM 5375.