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M.S. Real Estate Development Alumni Association

The NSU Real Estate Alumni Association began in 2010 as a small group of M.S.R.E.D. and M.B.A.+R.E. alumni and now numbers over 75 members nationally and internationally. The Alumni Association is an active group of graduates, students and dedicated professionals from across the industry. Members promote and deliver meaningful networking and growth opportunities for M.S.R.E.D. Program students and alumni. Open to membership and participation by all current and former students of the Real Estate Program, the Association is an essential career network forum for interaction and professional development.

A member driven organization, the Alumni Association has a seat on the M.S.R.E.D. Program Advisory Board, and works closely with faculty, the Board and graduates to maintain and grow connections with peers in the industry. The Association maintains on-line resources, including a membership directory and on-line communication tools to facilitate job leads and position graduates for careers in real estate.

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Growing network connections within the industry begins at Program Orientation with an Alumni Association welcome reception for new students. The Association is committed to growing and strengthening the Program to serve its student and alumni members with career connections, job leads, links and introductions.

Alumni Testimonials

MS RED Alumna Walter Ojeda

"After working in the real estate banking industry for seven years, the M.S.R.E.D. Program helped me acquired better knowledge and financial skills to determine the feasibility of a project from concept to development. From developers, architects, bankers, brokers, attorneys, consultants, or general contractors, all of them share their point of view in a real estate transaction. After completing the program, not only will you be a savvy developer/investor, but you will meet important industry leaders that will be able to help you throughout your real estate career and achieve your goals in the field."
Walter Ojeda

MS RED Alumna Jessica Joly

"[NSU's] M.S.R.E.D. Program was beneficial to my development as a real estate professional. The Program offers not only academic advancement through course readings and lectures, but opportunities for real life experience through the field studies program, networking opportunities, and presentation critique by professors and members of the real estate community. Program courses are taught by current real estate professionals with experience in today's changing real estate Industry. Small class sizes result in greater personal involvement by professors and learning opportunities for thorough group discussions."
Jessica Joly

MS RED Alumna Ben Boies

"The M.S.R.E.D. Program at NSU has prepared me with an array of tools to use in analyzing the feasibility of real estate projects. In addition, the hands-on projects and field studies provided throughout the program increased my use of real estate terminology, as well as my comfort to interact on a professional level with highly skilled industry executives."
Ben Boies

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