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M.B.A. in Management Students

M.B.A. Full Time Program

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Graduate Admissions
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The Huizenga College of Business' M.B.A. Full Time program, which is designed for the young professional, includes workshops in resume writing, business communication, and interviewing techniques. MBA core classes are offered during weekdays (Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday), concentration courses are offered evenings and online and can be completed in only 12 months. Its curriculum was designed to meet the demands of today's competitive marketplace, and teaches essential business acumen, including administration and operations, management, accounting, finance, economics, marketing, and more. Graduates exit the program with a differential competitive advantage, and are prepared to add immediate value to their companies.

  • Program begins once annually in Fall I (August).
  • Program can be completed in 12 months.
  • Designed for students pursuing their graduate education directly after the completion of their undergraduate degree and for professionals who are retraining for a career change.
  • M.B.A. Core courses are offered during the day (Monday through Thursday) on NSU's Ft. Lauderdale main campus.
  • Concentration courses offered evenings and online.
  • Internships are an integral part of the M.B.A. in Management Day program, providing students with the opportunity to gain practical experience and establish important contacts in the business community.
  • Program includes three career development courses (not for credit, but required for graduation).

For more information about the program, please contact:

The Office of Graduate Admissions
(954) 262-5168
1-800-672-7223 ext. 25168

Total Credits: 40-49

M.B.A. Core Courses (22-31 total credits)

M.B.A. Full Time Core Courses (0 total credits)
MGT 5110 Effective Resumé Writing
MGT 5111 Business Communication
MGT 5112 Interviewing Techniques
Business (Flex) Courses (18 total credits)
XXX XXXX Open elective course in HCBE
XXX XXXX Open elective course in HCBE
XXX XXXX Open elective course in HCBE
XXX XXXX Open elective course in HCBE
XXX XXXX Open elective course in HCBE
XXX XXXX Open elective course in HCBE
Note: Excluding courses with ACT, CHS, PUB, SPT and TXX prefix.
Business Intelligence / Analytics Concentration Courses (18 total credits)
QNT 5470 Data Analytics for Management
MMIS 630 Database Management and Applications
MMIS 642 Data Warehousing
MMIS 643 Data Mining
MMIS 692 Capstone Project in Business Intelligence
QNT 5495 Advanced Data Analytics for Management
Complex Health Systems Concentration Courses (18 total credits)
CHS 5000 Governance in Complex Health Systems  
CHS 5100 Regulatory, Legal, and Ethical Environments in Complex Health Systems  
CHS 5200 Financial Environment in Complex Health Systems  
CHS 5300 Principles of Leading Change, Collaboration and Team Science in Complex Health Systems  
CHS 5400 Translational Research in Complex Health Systems  
CHS 5500 Capstone in Complex Health Systems  
Entrepreneurship Concentration Courses (21 total credits)
ENT 5960 Entrepreneurship/Venture Creation
ENT 5990 International Trade for Entrepreneurs
FIN 5970 Entrepreneurship/Finance (In place of M.B.A. core FIN 5130)
MGT 5940 Entrepreneurship Law
MKT 5225 Social Media Marketing
ENT 5985 Lean Entrepreneurship
ENT 5966 * Cuba Study Tour
ENT 5899 * Internship
XXX XXXX * Open elective course in HCBE

* Choose ENT 5966 Cuba Study Tour, ENT 5899 Internship, OR open elective course in HCBE.

Finance Concentration Courses (15 total credits)
FIN 5540 Banking  
FIN 5545 Financial Engineering  
FIN 5570 Advanced Corporate Finance  
FIN 5550 Investments  
FIN 5503 Real World Finance for Managers  
Human Resource Management Concentration Courses (15 total credits)
HRM 5310 Managing Human Resources  
HRM 5380 Employee Relations  
HRM 5365 Talent Management  
HRM 5375 Managing Total Rewards  
HRM 5360 Human Resource Development  
International Business Concentration Courses (15 total credits)
INB 5807 Foundations of Global Business  
INB 5818 New International Ventures  
INB 5827 Import/Export Principles and Practices  
MKT 5235 Global Marketing  
FIN 5515 International Finance  
International Business Electives - choose one (3 total credits)
MGT 5680 Management Internship  
INB 5822 Globalization and Emerging Markets  
INB 5846 International Field Seminar  
Management Concentration Courses (12 total credits)
MGT 5640 Managing in Globally Dynamic Workplaces  
HRM 5310 Managing Human Resources  
MGT 5630 Influencing People for Organizational Effectiveness  
MGT 5620 Managing Legal, Ethical, and Social Challenges  
XXX XXXX Any course with MGT, LED, HRM or INB prefix
XXX XXXX Open elective course in HCBE
Marketing Concentration Required Courses (3 total credits)
MKT 5290 Cases in Strategic Marketing  
Marketing Electives - Choose five (15 total credits)
MKT 5200 Customer Value  
MKT 5205 Consumer Behavior  
MKT 5215 Sales Management  
MKT 5225 Social Media Marketing  
MKT 5235 Global Marketing  
MKT 5245 Marketing Research  
MKT 5250 Product and Brand Management  
MKT 5260 Services Marketing  
MKT 5270 Managing Marketing Communications  
MKT 5280 Marketing Internship  
Process Improvement Concentration Courses (15 total credits)
SCM 5410 Supply Chain Management  
PIM 5450 Quality Management  
PIM 5455 Project Management  
PIM 5460 Process Improvement Methods  
PIM 5465 Process Improvement Practicum  
XXX XXXX Open elective course in HCBE
Sport Revenue Generation Concentration Courses (12 total credits)
SPT 5910 Sport Sponsorship Design and Strategies  
SPT 5920 Sport Ticketing, Concessions and Merchandise Management  
SPT 5930 Sport Event and Fundraising Strategies and Techniques  
SPT 5940 Sport Revenue Generation and Emerging Technologies  
XXX XXXX Open elective course in HCBE
XXX XXXX Open elective course in HCBE
Supply Chain Management Concentration Courses (15 total credits)
SCM 5410 Supply Chain Management  
SCM 5415 Managing International Transportation and Logistics  
PIM 5455 Project Management  
SCM 5420 Managing Customer and Supplier Relationships  
SCM 5425 Supply Chain Strategies  
XXX XXXX Open elective course in HCBE
Current students: Please consult your Academic Advisor for program requirements or access SharkLink for your CAPP report. Program requirements are subject to change, and your Academic Advisor or CAPP report can provide you with the courses required for your catalog term.

Full-Time professionals are available to discuss the M.B.A. Full Time curriculum with you in greater detail. Simply call 800.672.7223 Ext. 25168 or contact our Enrollment Services Staff.

Course Descriptions

The following prerequisite courses are built into the M.B.A. core curriculum.

ACT 5001 Introductory Accounting*
FIN 5008 Business Finance**
QNT 5000 Foundations of Business Statistics**

* Course may be waived at the discretion of the department chair or designee. Waivers will only be considered when an equivalent course with a grade of C has been earned in the past 10 years

** Waivers will only be considered when an equivalent course with a grade of B- has been earned in the past 5 years

Students have two options for satisfying a program prerequisite course:

  1. Complete course(s) offered by the H. Wayne Huizenga College of Businessand Entrepreneurship;
  2. Complete a proficiency examination administered by a testing organizationthat has national recognition, such as CLEP and DANTES. Students selecting this option must complete the requirements within their first two semesters with HCBE. After the second semester, courses must be completed with HCBE. Official transcripts must be received by the office of Academic Advising one week prior to students seeking to register for courses requiring the prerequisite requirement.

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

November 15 | Virtual Information Meeting

Start off 2019 right! Please join NSU’s Huizenga College of Business to learn more about our MBA, MPA, Master of Accounting, and MSRED programs. Take this opportunity to learn more about our admissions criteria and have your application fee waived. Information about scholarships and financial aid will also be available. We look forward to welcoming you to the Shark Nation!!!


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