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Peter Finley, Ph.D.
Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Affairs and Associate Professor of Sport Management Professor Peter Finley

”Sometimes students are surprised to hear about the challenges they will face. I try to illuminate these issues and help students see how they can bridge the gap as the sports managers of the future. To me, good teaching is stating objectives, teaching to them, and then assessing accordingly. When I do that effectively, students tend to do well.”

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International students

The Office of International Students and Scholars (OISS) provides complete support and advisory services to NSU’s international students.

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B.S. in Marketing

Your future success is serious business. With your degree in marketing from NSU's H. Wayne Huizenga College of Business and Entrepreneurship, you'll have the tools and knowledge you need to get ahead. NSU is known for being innovative and entrepreneurial, and you'll appreciate this stimulating atmosphere both inside and outside the classroom.

What you'll study
Build a strong foundation with core coursework. Then progress into your marketing major requirements in consumer behavior, integrated marketing communication, and marketing research and strategy. Find your perfect concentration among a variety of choices including marketing management, digital and social media, global markets, and more.

How you'll learn more
Realize your potential with internships, competitive projects, and professional student organizations such as the American Marketing Association chapter at NSU while obtaining your degree in marketing. Rub shoulders with graduate students and the Huizenga College of Business' more than 100 corporate partners. Benefit from experienced faculty members, differentiated marketing concentrations and the Executives and Entrepreneurs in Residence program and distinguished lectures.

Where it can take you
You'll be ready for marketing careers in today's challenging and changing marketplace, including careers in sales, brand management, promotion, customer service, direct marketing, event planning, advertising, digital and social media, and international marketing. The field of marketing is diverse and growing, and skilled marketing managers can create their own pathway.

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Tuition and Fees

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  • Daytime: Traditional full-time day classes are offered at our main campus in Fort Lauderdale, FL.
  • Evening: If you prefer courses later in the day, enroll at our main campus or at one of our many campuses across Florida.
  • Online: All of our marketing concentrations are also fully online.
  • Terms: 8 week terms.

Upon completion of the B.S in Marketing, graduates will be able to:

  1. Apply in detail the practices and principles common to the marketing function;
  2. Apply marketing principles to analyze, plan, implement, and control marketing operations;
  3. Demonstrate knowledge and comprehension of brand and marketing management as well as selling and integrated marketing communication;
  4. Demonstrate proficiency in marketing research by making appropriate suggestions to resolve marketing problems and interpret marketing research results;
  5. Suggest appropriate marketing strategies and tactics for domestic, global business and consumer markets;
  6. Demonstrate competency of the Internet and interactive marketing technologies as a promotional medium and distribution channel.

This curriculum is for new B.S. in Marketing students starting in the fall of 2014. If you began the B.S. in Marketing program prior to the fall of 2014 please contact the Office of Academic Advising and set up an appointment with your advisor.

Total credits: 120
General Education Requirements (30 Credits)
Business Core (39 credits)
ACT 2200 Financial Accounting  3 credits
ACT 2300 Managerial Accounting  3 credits
FIN 3010 Corporation Finance  3 credits
INB 3550 International Business  3 credits
ISM 3660 Management Information Systems  3 credits
MGT 2050 Principles of Management  3 credits
MGT 2150 Business Law I  3 credits
MGT 4100 Business Ethics  3 credits
MGT 4170 Organizational Behavior  3 credits
MGT 4880 Business Strategy and Policy  3 credits
MKT 3050 Marketing Principles and Application  3 credits
OPS 3880 Operations Management  3 credits
TECH 1110 Technology in Information Age  3 credits

Marketing Major Requirements (12 credits)
MKT 3060 Consumer Behavior  3 credits
MKT 4100 Integrated Marketing Communication  3 credits
MKT 4700 Marketing Research  3 credits
MKT 4710 Marketing Strategy  3 credits

Students are required to select one of the following Concentrations:
Marketing Management (12 Credits)
MKT 3210 Professional Selling  3 credits
MKT 3100 Services Marketing  3 credits
MKT 3800 Entrepreneurial Marketing  3 credits
MKT 3900 Marketing Internship  3 credits

Professional Sales (12 Credits)
MKT 3210 Professional Selling  3 credits
MKT 3220 Advanced Selling  3 credits
MKT 3230 Managing the Sales Force  3 credits
MKT 3900 Marketing Internship  3 credits

Digital and Social Media (12 Credits)
MKT 3600 Digital and Search Engine Marketing  3 credits
MKT 3605 Content Marketing  3 credits
MKT 3610 Social Networking  3 credits
MKT 3900 Marketing Internship  3 credits

Service Industries (12 Credits)
MKT 3100 Services Marketing  3 credits
MKT 3110 Retail Management  3 credits
MKT 3510 Customer Value & Relationship Marketing  3 credits
MKT 3900 Marketing Internship  3 credits

Global and Regional Markets (12 Credits)
MKT 3320 International Marketing  3 credits
MKT 3900 Marketing Internship  3 credits
INB 4300 Export/Import Trade  3 credits
ECN 4300 International Economics  3 credits
Open Electives (27 credits)

Contact Us for additional information or proceed to our Application for Admission.
Current students: Please consult your Academic Advisor for program requirements or access SharkLink for your CAPP report. Program requirements are subject to change, and your Academic Advisor or CAPP report can provide you with the courses required for your catalog term.

Full-Time professionals are available to discuss the Bachelor of Science in Marketing curriculum with you in greater detail. Simply call 800.338.4723 or contact our Office of Undergraduate Admissions.

Business Core Courses

ACT 2200     Financial Accounting  (3 cr.)

Provides an introduction to financial accounting and its decision-making elements. Areas covered are the conceptual frameworks of accounting, financial statements and their components, and advance manufacturing environments. Prerequisites: MATH 1030 or higher.

ACT 2300     Managerial Accounting  (3 cr.)

Integrates the accounting process with the planning, coordinating, and control functions of the business organization. Topics include strategic planning, tactical and operational decision making, budgeting, responsibility accounting, and performance measurement. Prerequisites: MATH 1030 or higher

FIN 3010     Corporation Finance  (3 cr.)

Applies financial management to organizations. Topics include ratio analysis, leverage, cash budgeting, and capital structure. Prerequisites: ACT 2200, ECN 2020, AND MATH 2020

INB 3550     International Business  (3 cr.)

Surveys the legal and cultural environment of international business; the international financial system; management of international operations; personnel and labor relations; international marketing; international economics, trade, and finance; multinational enterprise; and international accounting. Prerequisite: ECN 2025

ISM 3660     Management Information Systems  (3 cr.)

Discusses the use of computers in business, as well as database management and information system fundamentals. Prerequisites: TECH 1110, MGT 2050, and MKT 3050.

MGT 2050     Principles of Management  (3 cr.)

Provides an overview of management history and theory, schools of management thought, the functions and processes of management, and the environment within which the modern manager operates.

MGT 2150     Business Law I  (3 cr.)

Sets forth, explains, illustrates, and applies fundamental principles of business law to modern day business problems. Important subject matters covered are introduction to the legal system, constitutional law as applied to business, contract law and sales law, agency and employment law, types of business organizations, and torts and products liability law. Credit cannot be obtained for both this course and LEGS 3400.

MGT 4100     Business Ethics  (3 cr.)

Examines the nature of morality and theories of normative ethics. Identifies a variety of ethical issues and moral challenges involving consumers, the environment, the professions, and the role of the corporation in our society. Prerequisite: Senior standing.

MGT 4170     Organizational Behavior  (3 cr.)

Organizational Behavior: Explores the interaction of individuals and the organization as a dynamic interplay that affects total organizational effectiveness. Topics include the role of effective communication in the organization, motivation, leadership and values. Prerequisite: MGT 2050.

MGT 4880     Business Strategy and Policy  (3 cr.)

Business Strategy and Policy is an integrative senior course in strategic management building on functional area learning in management, accounting, finance, operations and marketing. The course focuses on the solution of specific business problems utilizing a corporate simulation which requires students to develop a strategy to lead their own company and implement the strategy through tactics for operations, management, marketing, and finance. Students are measured by a balanced scorecard estimating their performance in each area and their preparation for the future. Prerequisites: FIN 3010 and Senior Standing.

MKT 3050     Marketing Principles and Application  (3 cr.)

A focus on the marketing concept, and examination of a marketing oriented firm. Topics include consumer behavior, market analysis and the marketing mix. Students will produce a marketing plan.

OPS 3880     Operations Management  (3 cr.)

This course approaches Operations Management from the ?inside-out.? It develops the student?s personal understanding of processes, process capabilities and results and then transfers those into the business environment. The course builds on an understanding of applied statistics to develop an understanding of the planning and the processes involved in the creation of value both through provision of services and manufacture of goods. Topics include process flow and capability, operations strategy, total quality management (TQM), supply chain and capacity management, process improvement, project management. Prerequisites: Math 3020 or Math 3020H, or Math 2020, or Math 2020H.

TECH 1110     Technology in Information Age  (3 cr.)

In this course, students work for mastery of basic computer application skills in file management, word processing, spreadsheet, charting, database, Internet research, and web authoring/publishing. In addition, students acquire a deeper understanding of technology as used by professionals in all information technology fields, current trends, ethical use of technology, and technology management. A challenge exam (passing score = 75 percent) is available for those students who believe they already possess these skills.

Marketing Major Courses

MKT 3060     Consumer Behavior  (3 cr.)

This course introduces students to marketing concepts and theories developed in the behavioral and economic sciences (cultural anthropology, psychology, social-psychology, and sociology) as they relate to consumer and business markets. Students will examine models of consumer behavior and organizational buying. They will learn how these behaviors are influenced by principles of learning, motivation, personality, perception, and group influence. Frameworks of consumer and buyer behavior are discussed in the context of advertising/promotion, product management, and the development of effective marketing strategies. Prerequisite: MKT 3050.

MKT 4100     Integrated Marketing Communication  (3 cr.)

The Integrated Marketing Communication course introduces students to the concept and application of integrating the elements of advertising, sales promotion, public relations, direct marketing and other essentials of the marketing mix to support the overall marketing strategy. IMC allows marketers to effectively and efficiently reach prospects and retain customers with consistent brand messages in the context of fragmented media and increasing customer empowerment through the Internet. Emphasis will be placed on linking the fundamentals of segmentation, targeting, positioning, buyer behavior, and branding with planning, budgeting, and executing a comprehensive, integrated marketing communication program from message development through media selection. Prerequisite: MKT 3060.

MKT 4700     Marketing Research  (3 cr.)

This course outlines the fundamentals of research methodology and its application to the solution of marketing problems. Students are exposed to procedures and analytical tools for collection, analysis and interpretation of data for marketing decisions. Topics include: problem definition, research design, questionnaire construction, sampling, attitude scaling, statistical analysis, presentation and evaluation or research findings. A field research project may be included. Prerequisites: MKT 3060.

MKT 4710     Marketing Strategy  (3 cr.)

Examines marketing activities from the viewpoint of the marketing executives. Topics include strategic planning and policy formulations; the use of marketing research; test marketing of products; and inter-company coordination of pricing and promotion. Prerequisites: MKT 3060 and Senior-level standing.

Marketing Concentration Courses

ECN 4300     International Economics  (3 cr.)

Reviews theories and practices of trade, comparative advantage, trade barriers, balance of payments, economic development, and regional economic integration. Prerequisite: ECN 3025

INB 4300     Export/Import Trade  (3 cr.)

Studies the management of the export/import department, including government regulations affecting imports; financing, insuring, transporting, and marketing of exported or imported raw materials and finished products; methods of purchasing foreign products and selling domestic goods abroad; joint marketing; licensing; and distributor relations. Prerequisite: MKT 3320.

MKT 3100     Services Marketing  (3 cr.)

Explores the marketing of services, highlighting the distinctions that exist in the marketing of intangibles. Presents strategies for marketing of services versus the traditional product related marketing. Prerequisite: MKT 3050.

MKT 3110     Retail Management  (3 cr.)

To critically analyze the retailing process, the environment within which it operates, and the institutions and functions that are performed. To familiarize students with the decisions involved in running a retail firm and the concepts and principles for making those decisions. To provide a foundation for those students who plan to work in retailing or related disciplines. In this class, you will learn about the evolution of retailing and its implications in a global, high- technology industry. Technological developments have affected the way consumers buy products and services and the way retailers run their businesses. You will examine decision support systems to develop merchandise assortments, evaluate retail sites, manage sales associates, and target promotions to customers. While the course focuses on the retail industry including retailers of consumer services, the content of the course is useful for students interested in working for companies that interface with retailers such as manufacturers of consumer products or for students with a general management or entrepreneurial interest. Prerequisite: MKT 3050

MKT 3210     Professional Selling  (3 cr.)

The focus of this course is to introduce students to the field of professional and personal selling, their role in marketing, and the overall sales process required to cultivate long-term relationships through effective communications, rapport and bonding strategies. Prereq: MKT 3050 or SPT 3650.

MKT 3220     Advanced Selling  (3 cr.)

The focus of this course is the application of contemporary selling behaviors that apply to any industry. Building on concepts learned in MKT 3210, students explore the role of professional selling in the firm?s marketing strategy. This course is designed to develop one?s selling and communication skills via mock presentations and role plays. Prereq: MKT 3210

MKT 3230     Managing the Sales Force  (3 cr.)

In this course, students will learn to develop selling strategies for effective sales proposals that ensure high probability sales closure. State-of-the-art techniques will be discussed for crafting customer oriented presentations using appropriate media and demonstration tools. Students will also learn powerful techniques for avoiding buyer remorse and maintaining ongoing relationships. In addition, business development strategies will be learned using innovative techniques. Prerequisites: MKT 3220

MKT 3320     International Marketing  (3 cr.)

The course studies the scope of international marketing, the structure of multinational markets, foreign market research, international advertising and promotion, international distribution channels, international product policy, international pricing policy, and export/import management. .

MKT 3510     Customer Value & Relationship Marketing  (3 cr.)

MKT 3510 Customer Value & Relationship Mkt.(3 Credits):The Customer Value and Relationship Marketing course builds on the principle the customer is at the center of the firm's activity and that by delivering superior value and building long-term relationships the firm will be competitive and generate sales and profits. Every successful firm whether marketing to consumers or to businesses, has developed customer relationship strategies, tools, and processes to provide outstanding value to customers. The course approaches building customer value and relationships from three important perspectives. First, the course focuses on the customer using key marketing concepts such as satisfaction, loyalty, retention and the strategies used to build these. Second, the course develops implementing customer relationship management from the organizational perspective across all functional areas and with special emphasis on sales and marketing. Third, the course introduces students to the importance of data management as a foundation of customer relationship management and marketing insight and the importance of evaluative tools to measure the progress of a customer relationship program. The course will use lectures, discussions, case problems and written assignments. Prerequisite: MKT 3050.

MKT 3600     Digital and Search Engine Marketing  (3 cr.)

In this course, students will examine how online marketing techniques can maximize brand awareness and sales generation. Through marketing plan and other exercises, students will learn how to develop advertising and communications strategies that blend traditional marketing concepts with marketing in a digital age. Specifically, the course demonstrates how to boost website traffic through online advertising, precision email campaigns and websites designed for customer usability. In addition, students will further examine how engine marketing techniques and keyword research are used in Web 2.0 environments to maximize website exposure and viewer experience. The course will then demonstrate the most effective ways to measure these results through web analytics. Prerequisites: MKT 3050

MKT 3605     Content Marketing  (3 cr.)

This course provides an extensive overview of content marketing strategies that activate a marketer?s engagement with their social media communities. Using both educational and entertaining formats, students will learn how to best engage their target communities with a media mix of video, photo-based, graphic, audio and textual content. Strategies will be developed for creating and sequencing blogs, eBooks, webinars, podcasts, e-newsletters, slide shows and other talk-worthy content that educates and/or entertain target audiences while laying the foundation for a loyal following. Students will further examine how this online content can boost search engine results and social media reach while enabling targeted email campaigns to track audience needs from content downloading behaviors used in online selling strategies.

MKT 3610     Social Networking  (3 cr.)

This course offers a comprehensive overview of how social networking is used in brand awareness and sales generation. Specifically, students will become familiar with the role played by social networks in spreading marketing content, building target audience communities and creating thought leadership. Tools and techniques will be introduced for posting, pinning and sharing content through Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr and a variety of photo and video sharing networks. Students will learn how to activate and engage communities of these networks with contests and brand conversations as well as share-worthy content. The course includes social media marketing plan exercises that provide hands-on experience in both social community development and fan engagement. In addition, context-marketing strategies will be examined for reaching audiences through location-based services, mobile apps and behavioral targeting techniques.Prerequisites: MKT 3600.

MKT 3800     Entrepreneurial Marketing  (3 cr.)

The successful entrepreneur if faced with the challenge of innovation and growth, often with limited resources. How innovation - in the form of new products, services, and business concepts - is brought to the marketplace will be explored using small and start-up businesses, new economy companies, and corporate entrepreneurial models. Coursework will include defining market opportunities, value propositions, target-marketing, positioning strategy, branding, promotion (including public relations and guerilla marketing), distribution, including the Web, pricing, and customer relationship management in the context of entrepreneurial setting, resources, and culture. Case studies will be used to exemplify the various steps in launching successful products, businesses and initiatives. The course will culminate in the preparation and presentation of a marketing plan geared to the entrepreneurial organization. Prerequisites: MKT 3050

MKT 3900     Marketing Internship  (3 cr.)

The Huizenga Business School fosters learning through the application of classroom theory in the workplace. Undergraduate students have the option of participating in a university sponsored internship for academic credit. The minimum internship work requirement is 180 hours during one semester. Registration for internship is done through the HSBE Office of Academic Advising, not online, after conferral with the NSU Office of Career Development. ACADEMIC REQUIREMENTS: good academic standing, GPA of 2.5 or higher, and completion of at least 36 credit hours. Prerequisite: MKT 3050

Paiton Meurer, Market Research Analyst – Office Depot
Huizenga Marketing Graduate Paiton Meurer My experience as a marketing student at Nova Southeastern University was a memorable, yet valuable time of my life that set me up for future success in my career. NSU's classrooms are very small, which grants you the ability to personally get to know each of your professors and flourish as a student. I found this unique characteristic to be extremely helpful in regards to making connections, as well as having mentors to guide you down the right path or assist you with challenges you may face. Nova's marketing internship program was also advantageous due to the fact that students receive course credit while obtaining the necessary hands-on skills of the workforce. Completing internships were most beneficial in regards to acquiring a competitive advantage and differentiating yourself from other post-graduates. Overall, the skills and real-world experience Nova Southeastern University provided prepared me for a full-time career immediately upon graduation at one of Fortune's Top 500 Companies to Work For.

Jenny Shrestha, Master Data Analyst – Citrix Systems
I chose to pursue my undergraduate degree at Huizenga College of Business and Entrepreneurship from Nova Southeastern University for a few reasons, but the number one reason was the support from my classmates and the faculty members. Throughout my time in NSU, I was continuously learning and growing. The faculty and professors were always challenging students to learn and explore from the real world business scenarios which helped me to get an internship which led to a full time job. I am thankful to my professors and the NSU Marketing Department for guiding me through the courses and always being accessible. NSU gave me the opportunity and the skills which now I am able to utilize and grow in my career. Overall, the whole program was excellent and I gained enormous knowledge. Huizenga Marketing Graduate Jenny Shrestha

Alex Paez, Director of Operations - South Florida Multispecialty Associates
Huizenga Marketing Graduate Alex Paez I currently hold a Bachelor's Degree of Science in Business Administration with a minor in Marketing from the Huizenga College of Business and Entrepreneurship at Nova Southeastern University. What drew me to Nova is the small class sizes. That has given me the opportunity to have a personal connection with my professors and other students. Although I did not originally intend to pursue a minor in Marketing, that changed when I took the class "Buyer Behavior" with Dr. Suri Weisfeld-Spolter and I began to understand how marketing works from a professional standpoint. As I continued taking additional marketing classes, I learned something valuable from every professor who taught in the program. The minor that I earned in Marketing gave me knowledge and skills that I utilize every day as a professional. I am now a graduate student at Nova Southeastern University completing an M.B.A. because of the great experience I had earning my undergraduate degree.

Richelle Carach – Educator, lululemon athletica
While earning my degree at Nova Southeastern University, I felt as though I was always supported. There were countless tools and resources offered outside of class, and the professors always went out of their way to put me in a position to succeed. There are also a number of hands-on opportunities to get out of the classroom to experience the "real-world" workplace no matter what your major is. After completing my Bachelor's degree in Business Marketing, I feel confident in the knowledge and experience I gained while attending NSU. Go Sharks! Huizenga Marketing Graduate Richelle Carach

Michelle Merida, Manager of Marketing – NSU College of Optometry
Huizenga Marketing Graduate Michelle Merida The H. Wayne Huizenga College of Business & Entrepreneurship has provided me with the essential skills necessary to become a professional in the marketing industry. Throughout the course of my four years as a student, my professors demonstrated expert knowledge in the marketing field and integrated real world experiences into the curriculum to help students better understand the concepts. It was quite the honor to be taught by the best and brightest who are renowned in the marketing field as referred authors, researchers, experts, and mentors. Communicating with my professors was never a challenge and I strongly appreciate the level of professionalism displayed by the administrators, faculty, and staff of the college. Their eagerness to provide individualized emphasis on each student has influenced me to move forward with pursuing a Master of Business Administration degree with a concentration in Marketing. I look forward to utilizing the knowledge and skills I gained to perform to the best of my ability as the Manager of Marketing for the NSU College of Optometry.

Taylor Brown – Member of the Co-Ed Business Fraternity Alpha Kappa Psi and NSU Razor's Edge Scholar
It is difficult to picture my life without the H Wayne Huizenga College of Business and Entrepreneurship. There are too many mentors, friends, and people I have come to regard as family in the college for me to be who I am without it. My studies have shaped my leadership, exposed me to different fields and interests, and has surrounded me with a peer group that supports and challenges me to grow. In addition, the curriculum is not only interesting, but is also taught in an environment in which I thrive. Coming from a small school, I couldn't tolerate being a small fish in an enormous, 300-student pond. Class sizes at Nova Southeastern University are small, and Huizenga College classes are taught by individuals with an incredible wealth of experience in their respective fields. I loved my Entrepreneurial Experience and Services Marketing classes that had individualized attention the entire way. I look forward to when I can come back to the H Wayne Huizenga College of Business and Entrepreneurship as a successful alumnus. I owe my bright future career to this school, coming back and giving back are the least I can do. Huizenga Marketing Graduate Taylor Brown

The four-year plan of study, provided here, is intended to assist students in planning their schedule for their four years at NSU. This document presents an overall idea of the order in which courses might be taken in a four-year plan during a student's college career and are intended for use with academic advising services.

Plan of Study

Minors and concentrations are intended to allow you to pursue an area of study in greater depth. All students are encouraged to complete one or more minors to prepare them for careers or graduate studies. Your mastery of the subject matter will provide you the competitive advantage you need in your career or graduate study.

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Huizenga Marketing Student Carlos Gutierrez Carlos Gutierrez, B.S. Marketing student, is the 2014 winner of the Ortiz Gaming Writing Contest, for a paper submitted in his MKT 4100: Integrated Marketing Communications course taught by Dr. Maria Petrescu. The competition accepted submissions from students in different majors, such as Marketing, Communications, Journalism, Public Relations and Pre-Law, from South Florida colleges. While the competition only required a minimum 500 word editorial style article about Ortiz Gaming, Carlos formulated a complete IMC Strategy Proposal, which placed him in the winning position. Entries were judged on creativity, professionalism and factual content. Ortiz Gaming, from Boca Raton, will award a prize of $500 for his outstanding efforts.